Local attorney made this a special Christmas for challenged family

MAKING THIS HOLIDAY SPECIAL — Continuing the tradition of honour his late brother, Attorney Kemuel Shurland, Attorney Carlson Shurland made this Christmas a special one for a family that dealt with several challenges this year, including Hurricane Dorian and losing a wife and mother. Pictured at the special presentation on Saturday, December 21 are Carlson Shurland (centre), being embraced by the children and standing at right is their father, Lavan Saunders. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Noted Attorney Carlson Shurland contributed to spreading holiday cheer by making a significant donation to a local family that had been devastated by more than Hurricane Dorian in the past few months. 

The presentation took place on Saturday, December 21, at Shurland and Co. law office. 

Shurland told this daily that this was a very special day because it brought back a lot of memories for him. 

“Over the years I tried to memorialize my late brother, Kemuel Shurland, in September. Unfortunately, this September we had the hurricane and as a result, we were unable to do a fitting memorial for him,” he explained. 

However, Shurland stated that this was probably a blessing in disguise, because he subsequently met a family that was experiencing many challenges. 

“I saw the devastation of Hurricane Dorian,” he said. 

The Category 5 storm struck Grand Bahama on September 1, 2019, after ravaging Abaco. Its powerful floods and winds destroyed many homes, businesses and vehicles which brought great challenges to residents on the island. 

After Dorian, Shurland recalled that he became attached to a young man whose wife was extremely sick with cancer.

Upon visiting the family’s home, he saw that it was totally devastated.

“They had lost all their furnishings, all of the kids’ clothing,” he said. 

Shortly after more tragedy struck the family. 

“About two weeks later his wife died and I couldn’t imagine how devastating and traumatic that could be on six little kids ranging from ages seven to 14,” he said. 

After praying about it and speaking with his family, Shurland decided to do something to bring some joy to the family, particularly the children.

“To bring a smile to the children’s face for Christmas,” he said. 

To this end Shurland decided to honour his late brother and assist the family.  

“As a result I made the decision to give them iPads in memory of Kemuel,” he said.

Shurland noted that he hopes other people will follow suit during the Yuletide season to bring joy and peace to those who are less fortunate, particularly because so many residents are still struggling after Dorian. 

He revealed that the giveaway made this Christmas his best in a long time, because that is what the holiday is about, giving. 

Patriarch of the affected family Lavan Saunders noted that it felt great to receive this donation and expressed appreciation to Shurland. 

“I’m very thankful for Mr. Shurland. It has been a rough time for me this year, due to the fact that I lost my wife and we’ve been through a lot with this storm,” he said.

Saunders added that despite the challenges he still has young children to raise, therefore receiving these gifts meant a great deal to them. 

The children also expressed gratitude for the gifts, accepting the multi-colored wrapped boxes with wide smiles. They told Shurland how much they liked the presents and vowed to take care of them. 

His wife, Patricia Saunders passed away on November 6, 2019, after suffering with stage 3 Breast Cancer. 

She is survived by her husband and eight children – Juan and Tavan Saunders, Ariel Colebrook, Aaliyah Seymour, Ashley Colebrooke, Lavana, Nathia, and Nathya Saunders. 

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