Local artists highlighting the plight of women at art exhibition

Art piece by artist Claudette Dean

As the American born ME TOO movement has brought the treatment of females into the global spotlight, women in The Bahamas are also emphasizing aspects of the female experience through various mediums.

Five of Grand Bahama’s resident female artists are coming together in sisterhood to present their interpretations of women empowerment at an art exhibit at Hillside House Gallery in Nassau this month.

One of the artists, Laurie Tuchel, recently spoke to this daily about what can be expected during the upcoming show as well as the significance of such a showcase.

The artists, Chantal Bethel, Claudette Dean, Laurie Tuchel, Del Foxton, and Paula Boyd Farrington – will be featured in a group art exhibit titled YIN at Hillside House Gallery in Nassau, from November 9 to 30.

Their work centers on the theme “Yin”, as in Yin and Yang, each a half of the harmony of the Universe, with works honoring the energy of the Divine Feminine.

The art works include homages to the empowerment of women as vessels of love, healing, and transformation, contemplations on reverence and wonder for Mother Nature and the feminine role as guardian of the sacred, gatekeeper to the manifest world, tributes to the wisdom and beauty of women in every phase of life, art celebrating sisterhood and solidarity, and musings on the unapologetic teeming life of nature as a celebration of new gardens of balance and harmony.

Tuchel noted that that all women share a common bond to expose and to help break the silences of historic and present-day misogyny.

“What happens to any woman has an impact on all of us. Our show YIN was born out of this sisterhood,” she said.

Tuchel furthered that their work is a collective attempt to uplift and to celebrate feminine energy through our own unique ways.

“We do this through our individual visual languages, be it painting, sculpture, assemblage or a combination of mixed media,” she said.

A variety of mixed media pieces, oil paintings, assemblage, handmade paper works and sculptures, collage, and acrylic works will be exhibited beginning Friday evening, November 9, 2018.

The artists will be on hand for the November 9 opening from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., along with live music by Grand Bahama jazz singer, Shelley Carey, and handmade chocolates from Grand Bahama’s artisanal chocolatier, Bootleg Chocolates.

There will also be a walkabout with the artists scheduled at Hillside House Gallery on Saturday, November 10 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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