List of exciting activities planned to observe Youth Month

Under the theme, ‘VOICE: Vehicles of Initiative Change and Excellence’ a list of activities are planned to observe National Youth Month (October 2017) throughout the island of Grand Bahama. The organizing committee recently announced events planned for this weekend in West and Central Grand Bahama.

Under the theme, ‘VOICE: Vehicles of Initiative Change and Excellence’ a list of activities are planned to observe National Youth Month (October 2017) throughout the island Grand Bahama.

The theme falls in line with many of the upcoming programs and initiatives that the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture (MYSC) will host and fully endorse, which are all geared toward giving the youth of the nation a platform and a voice, where they can express their concerns, ideas and recommendations on matters that affect them both directly and indirectly.

Carla Brown-Roker, MYSC Youth Coordinator for Grand Bahama revealed that a number of events have been strategically planned for the month of October to usher in National Youth Month.

She noted that several youth leaders, from East to West GB, have orchestrated many events geared toward highlighting the positive that so many Grand Bahamian youth have and continue to accomplish; as well as to highlight various youth centered activities and programs that exist on the island that many, unfortunately, are not aware exist.

“Exciting events are planned by the GB Youth Month Committee in conjunction with youth leaders and practitioners. We welcome the partnership of youth ministries, as well as corporate partners in highlighting and celebrating the accomplishments of Grand Bahama’s finest and outstanding young people.”
With a number of initiatives planned, inclusive of a Battle of the Youth Competition, Youth Block parties, Art and Craft Exhibitions, church services, speech competitions and the National Youth Awards, Brown-Roker said that the entire month will focus, solely, on the youth and wholesome events in which they are encouraged to participate.

“This Friday, October 6, our ministry if conjunction with Calvary Temple will hold the Battle of the Youth. We invite all youth organizations and ministries to pack Calvary Temple, as we enjoy keen competition from our talented youth. At no cost, we invite all youth groups to join us for the Battle of the Youth.”

The event will take place on the church grounds beginning at 7:30 p.m..

Additionally, Loleta Hendfield, Co-founder ‘Let’s Jam Youth Organization’ revealed that their youth oriented program will also host an event in West Grand Bahama – Holmes Rock – at their Heavenly View Ministries Complex this Friday as well.

“Our doors never close, they are always open to the kids of our community,” said Hendfield.
Focusing their outreach on Bahamian culture, she shared that this coming Friday they will begin their youth month in a different way. “We know that a lot of our youth are challenged in West Grand Bahama, but they have great potential. Our fall kick-off session will be held on Friday at 7:00 p.m. Our theme for this event is, ‘Created for God’s purpose.’

“We understand that because no matter what you do, whatever gift and talent each and everyone of us has, we cannot get anywhere without God being behind us, pushing us,” declared Hendfield.

On Saturday (October 7) at the Jack Hayward High School gymnasium, between 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. Jerell and Jada Strachan will host an Anti-Bullying Seminar, which is geared toward shedding light on the unfortunate prevalent issue.

Also scheduled for Saturday is the launch of the Princess Court Ministries at St. Jude’s Parish Hall in Smith’s Point. Girls throughout the island between the ages of five to 18 are welcome to attend.
The goal of the ministry, which was founded by Stephanie Burrows, is to encourage girls to remain pure until marriage, to train them to become Godly homemakers and to enhance their spiritual lives.

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