Law enforcement officers receive commendations

Royal Bahamas Police Force officers (RBPF) in Grand Bahama were recognized for their service to the community and the organization, during the Commissioner’s Commendation Ceremony on Wednesday (April 10) at the Police Training College.

RBPF Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson thanked the honorees for the “stellar” fulfillment of their duties.

“Thank you to each one of you,” he said.

He admitted that the officers could never be fully compensated for the sacrifice they make daily, while serving their community. However, he noted that these commendations should stimulate good work ethics throughout the force.

He also commended the officers’ supervisors who helped to select the list of recipients, which would have been a challenge to choose above other equally competent officers in their respective divisions.

“The quality of work that you do, sets you apart,” he said.

Prior to Ferguson, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Samuel Butler welcomed attendees and congratulated the officers on their recognition.

“We’re so delighted that you’ve come to be a part of this ceremony,” he said.

He noted that the recipients stood out in their service to the community.

ACP Butler also expressed his hope that this honor was not the end of their praise, but motivation to work even harder and achieve more as they progress in their careers.

“We hope that today will just be the beginning of you having your second wind with a stronger determination to fly higher,” he said.

ACP Butler also commended the Commissioner for his visionary leadership skills, as that has played a major role in encouraging noteworthy performances by officers of the RBPF.

This year’s recipients derived from various districts and divisions in the Northern Bahamas.

Recipients from the Abaco District included – Sergeant 2439 Claudia Butler, Corporal 3397 Patrick Thurston, who has served for nine years; Corporal 3193 Garnett Mills, D/Corporal 3147 Nelson Botin with 12 years; D/Corporal 3442 Lamon Kerr, D/Corporal Malcolm Dean and Corporal 3506 Arnold Nesbitt.

Sergeant 1829 Troy Hanna of the Armoury also received commendations.

Recipients from the Airport/Harbour Division were Corporal 2868 Christopher Miller and Corporal 3515 Howard Stuart.

Recipients of the Bimini District were Constable 3496 Frederick Cooper III and Constable 3715 Allison Strachan.

D/Constable 350 Patrick Rolle of the Central Detective Unit was also awarded.

Recipients from the Central Division were Corporal 3517 Christopher Thompson and Constable 3174 Tyrahnique Thomas.

Sergeant 2955 Mario Rahming of the Communications Department was also awarded.

Sergeant 2804 Donovan Gibson and Constable 3174 Sterling Francis of the Criminal Records Department received commendations; Sergeant 3176 Clydeisha Charlton and Corporal 3703 Glen Telusma Jr., from District Headquarters were also awarded.

Recipients from the Drug Enforcement Unit included – D/Corporal 3301 Andrew Griffin, D/Sergeant 971 Breon Davis, D/Sergeant 1849 Kendal Smith, D/Corporal 3180 Yuri Lopez, D/Constable 2935 Lakeisha Bradshaw, D/Constable 3494 Edmund Burrows, and D/Constable Rychad Johnson.

Corporal 3165 Narron Rolle of the Fire Department and Corporal 3453 Caz Wallace of the Information Technology Department were present to receive their commendations.

Recipients from the Mobil Division were Sergeant 1796 Presley Rolle, Constable 519 Eugene Outten, and Constable 3495 Hilvana Cash.

Sergeant 2698 Bronson Knowles of the Marine Department; Sergeant 701 Dominic Wilson and Constable 3685 Caroline Forbes of the North Eastern Division were also awarded their commendations.

Sergeant 2857 Shemeiko Arthur and Sergeant 3190 Schanel Goddard of the Police College; Sergeant 1893 Racquel Napier-Brown and Sergeant 2597 Veron Rolle from Prosecutions; Corporal 3252 Jerome Sawyer and Corporal 3454 Kareem Woods of the Rapid Response Unit; Sergeant 2876 Miriam Russell of the Security Intelligence Branch, and Sergeant 2967 David Gibson and Corporal 3196 Adrianne Williams of the South Western Division also received commendations.

Recipients from the Traffic Division were Sergeant 1324 Mik Sears, Corporal 3234 Maquell Hall, Corporal 3383 Lou Johnson and Constable 3900 Lataya Rolle.

Recipients from the Transport/Maintenance/Stores were Sergeant 840 Leroy Seymour, Corporal 1246 Steven Rolle and Constable 3789 Samuel Hanna.

Sergeant 2475 Terrance Thompson and Constable 2625 Kevin Harris from Urban Renewal; Corporal 2137 Michael Miller and Corporal 2860 Lashanda Bowe-Francis from the West End Division were on-hand to accept their award from the Commissioner.

Also receiving commendations were several Reserve Officers, including R/Sergeant 346 Cedrick Davis and R/Sergeant 1462 Derek Ferguson of the Abaco Division; R/Corporal 312 Veranique Hanna of the Airport/Harbour Division; R/Corporal 276 Harold McPhee of the Central Detective Unit; R/Sergeant 273 Sandra Missick of the Central Division; R/Sergeant 1209 Barry Bannister; R/Sergeant 1147 Barry Brice and R/Corporal 1053 Harold Grant of the Fire Department.

R/Sergeant 287 Theresa Martinborough of the K-9 Unit; R/Corporal 301 Marco King of the Marine Department; R/Sergeant 662 Tamar Bodie and R/Constable 1515 Craig Sears from the Mobile Division; R/Sergeant 1054 Ronald Arthur and R/Sergeant 317 Keith Gaitor of the Rapid Response Unit; R/Sergeant 151 Barry Gibbs of the South Western Division; R/Sergeant 607 Kingsley Bain of the Traffic Division; R/Sergeant 616 Donald Adderley of the Transport/Maintenance/Stores were also among those receiving commendations.

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