Kiwanis Club of Freeport makes donation to GBCH

FOR THE CHILDREN – President of the Kiwanis Club of Freeport, Ellsworth Weir (fourth from right), along with cub members made a special presentation to the young residents of The Grand Bahama Children’s Home, as a welcome back gift. (PHOTO: TFN)

On the return of 30 children at the Grand Bahama Children’s Home recently, a local civic organization – Kiwanis Club of Freeport – decided to make a special presentation to the young residents as a welcome back gift.

The children were relocated to New Providence immediately after the passage of Hurricane Dorian last year September, as the Home was severely compromised as a result of flooding.

According to President of the Club Ellsworth Weir, the timely donation is just one of many initiatives the Club intends to engage in.

“At Kiwanis, our theme globally is ‘Serving the children of the world.’ When we found out that the children would be returning, we thought that it would be fitting for us to give them a welcome and the best way that we know how to do it, which is through a donation,” the president.

He noted that the donation, this time, was in the form of school bags.

Weir added that the students would not receive empty backpacks, but instead each bag would be filled with additional items needed for school. The bags were outfitted for boys and girls. “We made sure to pack enough, so that everyone would receive something.

“Our theme for the Kiwanis Club of Freeport is, ‘Pressing forward, with pride and purpose.’ We know that it has been a rough time for everyone, just coming out of Hurricane Dorian, now we are dealing with COVID and therefore we feel that our theme is very fitting. This type of project that we are doing here today falls right under that theme.

“We will continue doing what we are doing; be prideful with it and be purposeful,” Weir said.

The Kiwanis Club of Freeport is a service organization that meets every second Thursday at the Rand Nature Center at 7:00 p.m.  Weir welcomed persons to attend their meetings to learn more about the Club and their mission.

 “We welcome people to come and join. If you have a heart for service, it is very fulfilling.  This is just one of a few other projects that we have planned for this month in particular,” concluded Weir.

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