Junkanoo Carnival Committee snubs GB

It has been brought to the attention of The Freeport News that a company based in New Providence, called the Titus Entertainment Group, will be producing the Grand Bahama segment of the 2017 National Junkanoo Carnival, scheduled for this island later this month, April 28-29.


It is our view that once again, Grand Bahama has been snubbed.


As far as The Freeport News is concerned, Ginger Moxey and her associates were the collective catalyst for the organization/production of the first two highly successful Junkanoo Carnival events in Grand Bahama. In fact, the events were done so well and proved to be so fruitful for Grand Bahama’s economy, and in providing a taste of the past island magic, indeed, they upstaged the Junkanoo Carnival productions in New Providence.


The refreshing presence of a vital signature event back in Grand Bahama, even ultimately satisfied staunch detractors of the government, who had hoped to politicize the Junkanoo Carnival. The Grand Bahama connection enabled vendors, musicians and other entertainment professionals to benefit from an on-island product.


And, we can say that it was “all good.”


We expect The Bahamas National Festival Commission (BNFC) headed by Chairman Paul Major to refer to Sony Music Latin as the point entity for what went well with the national extravaganza, but those on the ground like representatives of The Freeport News, began observing the process from day one, each time, and know of the hard work done and professionalism demonstrated by Grand Bahamians in making both Junkanoo Carnivals on the island magical.


To what end then, did the BNFC deem it necessary to function outside of Grand Bahama to get a producer for the 2017 Junkanoo Carnival at Taino Beach?


We spoke to Major, just on Monday evening. He was told about the concerns of Grand Bahamians of once again being left out of the loop fundamentally, even with their own version of the national cultural experience.


Major’s response was to the effect that bids had gone out to all and sundry. We find that reaction so very condescending. It is our view that, whether intentional or not on the part of Paul “Douggie” Major and his cohorts, Grand Bahama has been treated disdainfully. Ironically, on the heals of the Prime Minister of the country, Perry Christie, coming on island and delivering a buttery speech about empowering Grand Bahamians, entertainment/marketing/promotional professionals who operate in this island have been treated as though they don’t deserve to be lead players, even in our very own event.


What makes the BNFC decision so much in disfavor of Grand Bahama and further demeaning, is the fact that already there has been a reaching out to island professionals in the entertainment etc. business, to assist the designated production company out of New Providence in crafting a process that is suitable for coming up with something akin to what went on in 2015 and 2016 at Taino Beach.


It is ridiculous that any kind of a bid outside of Grand Bahama was thought to be necessary. It is our event and the bid should have been for the professionals among us only. That is the strong view The Freeport News holds.


We doubt that Minister for Grand Bahama Dr. Michael Darville has been involved in the dealings of the BNFC. We were told that the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, as well, did not know about a producer out of New Providence being in charge of the GB Junkanoo Carnival 2017.


We see this development as quite shameful.


PM Christie has indicated profusely in his usual verbal flamboyance, and exuberant stage style that he will ensure that Grand Bahamians get the opportunities they deserve.


If this decision by the BNFC is an indication of what Grand Bahama can expect under this government’s watch, then God help us all!


Published  Wednesday, April 12, 2017 


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