Junior Junkanoo hits successful high notes

SMURFING AND PREACHING- National Academy Preschool introduced supporters and guests of the 19th Annual CFC Junior Junkanoo Parade to the wonder of Smurfville with Papa Smurf and Mama Smurf leading the charge.

Twenty-six schools from across Grand Bahama participated in the 19th Annual City of Freeport Council Junior Junkanoo Parade on Saturday past, bringing dazzling delight to guests and supporters alike.

Preschoolers, up through senior high school Junior Junkanooers, were more than ready for the road as they depicted wonderful themes in costume, music and choreographed performances along the Pioneer’s Way parade route. Ministry of Education, Science and Technology District Superintendent for East Grand Bahama and the Cays Yvonne Ward expressed sincere pride with the quality and performance level of all Junior Junkanoo participants.

“Surely everyone is excited, parents, visitors as well as our Junior Junkanooers, who are more than ready to enjoy this event, as they have been waiting for the past two weeks.

“Undoubtedly, the 26 participating schools are going to put forth an awesome performance and the level of participation from schools throughout the east and west must be commended.

“I know the parade is going to be real good. Personally, I cannot wait to see the evolution in the artistry of the costumes, music and choreographed dances, as every year the participating schools arrive at new and thrilling heights of success.

“Furthermore, it is a delight to have our little darlings from the kindergarten and preschool divisions participate in the Junior Junkanoo Parade, as they are the reason we take to the parade route early.
“Of course they are only able to rush one lap, whereas the primary, junior and senior high schools take to the street twice.

“If you miss our babies during their first and only lap, then you miss quite an awesome treat. We are all here to support our little darlings, letting them know they are loved.

“We want them to begin to understand and appreciate now the fact that this is a part of their cultural heritage, learning the intricacies of Junkanoo, as one day they will become the Anthony ‘Huck’ Williams, Charles Michael Wright and ‘Ken Motorboat’ Ferguson of the future,” said Ward.

The general view of onlookers was that this year the Junior Junkanooers hit very high marks of success.

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