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Pictured from left are Nuvolari Chotoosingh

After a stellar performance in game three of the Women’s Korean Basketball League championship, Jonqel Jones returned home to her loved ones.


Last year’s Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) sixth overall draft pick and Holmes Rock native touched down Monday afternoon – a week removed from the Asan Woori Bank Wibee’s championship win.


As she exited the arrival terminal at the Grand Bahama International Airport, the 6'6'' forward/center spoke briefly with the media, where she voiced how happy she was to be home and how great the experience was overseas.


“The season in Korea was very good. Probably one of the toughest things I’ve done in terms of basketball, because the practices were really hard, the games were really intense. 


“So, it was definitely really good and I’m happy to come back home and say I’m a champion for sure,” she expressed.


Playing in the WNBA made the transition to Korean League that much easier, according to Jones. 


She noted that the time she spent playing overseas should be an added boost to her preparation for the upcoming WNBA season.


“If it was the other way around it would probably be a lot harder for me … like I said, the practices were really hard. I think I’ll be coming back to the WNBA a better player. So it’s going to be good.”


Jones posted 27 points, 25 rebounds, and five blocks in the 83-72 title win over the Samsung Blueminx. 


With her best stat line to date, Jones added that the team, collectively, just wanted to put the series to bed as quickly as possible.


“We just wanted to put it all on the line and finish it as soon as possible. The faster we finish it, the faster I get back on this side of the world. So, I’m really happy about that – that we were able to do it in three games.”


During her stay, Jones noted that two of her favorite things about the country were the food and the people – which reminded her of the hospitality here in The Bahamas.


With the Connecticut Sun due back for training camp in a few weeks, Jones will look to balance her time between staying in shape and enjoying home in the mean time.


“Just making sure I stay in shape and also trying to relax a little bit. Because you know with WNBA players we play year round. So we have to try and find our little relaxing time when we get the chance to do it.”


Published  Wednesday, March 29 2017 


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