Jeffrey celebrates 105th birthday

BLESSED BIRTHDAY – Centenarian Jeffery Capron is blessed and elated to be celebrating his 105th birthday surrounded by family and friends on Thursday, May 16 at Zorba’s Greek Restaurant in Port Lucaya. Capron also serenaded his guests with a special song on his harmonica, during his special birthday luncheon. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Centenarian Jeffrey Capron celebrated his 105th birthday surrounded by family members and friends at Zorba’s Greek Restaurant yesterday – Thursday, May 16.

Capron was born in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos on May 16, 1914 and later attended an all age school until the age of 14, when he was put on a boat to find work in order to help support his family.

“It wasn’t easy,” he told this daily Thursday afternoon, during an interview while enjoying his birthday treat.

He added that this was just a way of life back then.

Capron would spend a portion of his life working as the cook on a boat crew, where his brother was the captain. He revealed that many of his memorable experiences happened during that time, particularly he and his crewmates surviving sailing through a dangerous hurricane that claimed the lives of 54 men.

He expressed his appreciation for life, noting that he does not know what the future holds for him but he is just happy to be here.

Capron kicked off the celebration of long life with a rendition of ‘To God be the Glory, Great things he has done,’ which he played on his harmonica.

Capron’s son-in-law Terry Goldsmith, who also attended the luncheon expressed his admiration for father-in-law.

“He’s an amazing old man,” Goldsmith said.

He added that very few people make it to this age and it is certainly worth celebrating.

He called Capron a “walking encyclopedia” of information.

Goldsmith told this daily that Capron can still recall stories of his youth, including the times when he had to walk miles to get where he needed to go.

He revealed that Capron even told him how his grandmother was set free from slavery by Queen Victoria.

He furthered that Capron is still lucid and active to this day, spending a lot of his time working around his home and in his yard.

Goldsmith recalled that his family celebrated Capron’s 100th birthday with a big party five years ago.

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