Italian charter returns, boosts tourism brand

ITALIAN Group – Passengers await transportation to Viva Fortuna, upon their arrival at the Grand Bahama International Airport. (Photos Jenneva Russell)

The Italian charter airline, Alpitour Villaggi Bravo returned to Grand Bahama on Thursday (June 15) from Milan Italy.

Betty Bethel, Director of the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) in Grand Bahama spoke about the partnership between the Alpitour Vilaggio Bravo group at the airport.

Bethel expressed delight that the airline is conducting a second annual summer program after a two-year absence prior to 2015.

“We’re really happy to have them back,” she said.

She added that the primary hotel where the guests would be staying is Viva Fortuna. Therefore for 12 weeks the hotel would be fully occupied by the Italian charter group.

“They will on average have about 120 guests per week, and this is a seven-day charter and it is direct from Milan, Italy. The Ministry of Tourism will be catering to at least 1,400 guests over the next 12 weeks,” Bethel informed.

She had high praise for the hotel that will be accommodating the Italian visitors.

“Viva Fortuna delivered an excellent product and Alpitour Villaggi Bravo was very pleased, so much so that they increased their capacity this year,” she said.

Bethel furthered that relationship presents an opportunity to capture the core market in Italy and said she is hopeful that next year the charter would be interested in expanding the stay.
Cristina Cazzani of the Bahamas Tourist Office in Italy informed that the connection with Italy and this island began 25 years ago.

“There has been a partnership between Italy and Grand Bahama in tourism since 1992 specifically, with Viva Fortuna. We of course hope that we will repeat this experience in the future. The program is an opportunity for families and young people to travel during the summer.

Simona Reali, Contracting Manager for the Alpitour Villaggi Bravo brand also spoke regarding the partnership. She stated that they are happy to be back in Grand Bahama.

“Last summer we had great success. Both in terms of the number of passengers and in terms of quality, results and satisfaction of the guests,” she said.
Reali added that the partnership between the MOT and Alpitou Villaggi Bravo has been successful as well.

She revealed that they have been promoting a great deal through radio and social media.

“This allows all the people to be in touch with the destination,” she said.

Reali furthered that the flight dedicates 100-120 seats to Grand Bahama per-week.

The Alpitour Villagio Bravo Group is the leading Italian tourism company and a brand known to 90 percent of the domestic market. The interaction between the Bahamas Tourist Office in Italy, Alpitour Villaggi Bravo and the Viva Fortuna Resort has been proved to be a winning partnership to raise Grand Bahama as a second place destination among the Bahamian islands, the representatives agreed.

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