IL Cares giveaway extravaganza enjoyed by GB-based students

TASTY TREATS —Attendees at the giveaway could enjoy pizza and drinks provided by Island Luck. Pictured Michelle Fox Marketing Manager for IL Cares Foundation. (PHOTOS: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

The Island Luck Cares Foundation (ILC) provided local children with a variety of supplies during a back-to-school giveaway on Friday (September 7) at their headquarters.

Michelle Fox Marketing Manager for IL Cares Foundation spoke to this daily about the initiative.

“This is the first year in Freeport and of course, next year will probably go a lot bigger and better,” she said.

She furthered that the team at IL Cares took a look around and decided to host an event dedicated to the resident children.

“We wanted to come over and offer what we could and help the communities and help the children, and help the parents get their kids back to school and see where we could assist as best as possible, such as with backpacks, folders, crayons, glue pencils and pens.

“We brought enough supplies for 2,000 children and decided also to provide various fun activities.
“We’re also offering a little fun to the kids with some bouncing castles and some characters, as well as food and drinks,” she said.

Fox noted that the IL Cares program offers ongoing events throughout the year geared towards children.

“We have ongoing initiatives all year round. We do our coins for kids where we go into the schools and give each child a piggy bank filled with five dollars in coins, starting them young to teach them how to save money,” she said.

Also, IL Cares conducts a computer drive whereby, donated are brand-new computers to schools that have computer labs. Each year IL Cares donate over 1,000 computers throughout New Providence, Grand Bahama and the Family Islands.

“It’s a number of initiatives that we do throughout the year. We sponsor many facets, whether its sports, or whether its culture, but our main avenue for donations is always kids. It is about the youth of our country,” she said.

IL Cares was established in 2014. The Island Luck Cares Foundation (ILC), has now become the sole source of Island Luck’s charitable works and the continued goals and efforts of Island Luck will be realized through the economic empowerment programs of the ILC, concluded Fox.

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