Husani Newbold starring on Cornell Track and Field Team

Husani Newbold continues to give the Cornell College Track and Field Rams a huge lift on the track.

Cornell College Track and Field member and Grand Bahama native, Husani Newbold continues to give the Rams a huge lift on the track.


Since the start of the Indoor Season, Newbold played a major role in securing relay wins for the Rams, as well as finding individual success. 


Back on January 28 at the Hilltop Invitational in Mount Vernon, Iowa the Rams’ junior sprinter ran to a first place finish in the 60-meter dash. His time of 7.07 seconds equaled the program’s record, which was set in 2015 by Preston Ritchie. It was also the fastest time in the Midwest Conference so far for the season.


He also picked up a victory in the 200m with a personal best time of 22.88 seconds, which ranked second in the MWC. His performances that week earned him the MWC Performer of the Week title, which was his first career weekly award.


On February 5, Newbold anchored for the 4x400m quartet that won the Rams men’s team championship at the Grinnell Indoor Invitational (Iowa).


Most recently, Newbold qualified for the 60m finals at the Darren Young Invitational on February 11. However, he finished fourth out of 39 participants with a time of 7.10 seconds.


For Newbold, his time and success thus far at Cornell is a unique story in itself. According to his mother, Sandy Pratt, Newbold didn’t pursue track and field until late 2015. 


She noted that Newbold was always athletic but paid more attention to his studies instead. Upon discovering that the Business Economics major made the track and field team, she voiced that is was really a proud day for her.


“I was very proud of him because like most parents your kids go off and their full focus is academic. And then they’re able to round themselves appropriately and pick up something else and making them even more of a well-rounded person. So, I was extremely proud of him.


“He’s really doing things over there that he was never really exposed to over here. And then somebody else seeing his talent somewhere else as opposed to being overlooked right here where he should have been able to be nurtured and saw it from here.”


Newbold attended Sunland Baptist Academy. There, Pratt highlighted that Newbold started track and field in the “ninth or tenth” grade. Even then the sprinter had a desire put his entire focus into his academics. 


“He always focused on grades more than anything. He felt like doing sports is going to take away from his grades and he would have to put more time into it so he gave up on that from he was in Grade 9.”


Who knew years later the desire to compete would still be in Newbold? With the traveling and bonding that comes with being on a track and field team, Pratt disclosed that Newbold loves the experience. It also ties into his future career plans.


“Because he’s visiting a lot more countries and so forth and gaining a lot more friends, networking and establishing his self because he wants to be a sports agent. So he’s taking all these other things under his belt and establishing his self in a better way.”


It turned out that Newbold learned more about himself since December 2015. Pratt expressed that the junior now realized he was more than capable of taking on the role of being student-athlete. Although his favorite sport is basketball and he seemed to be inclined to play the sport standing at 6'1'' she continues to motivate her son in whatever he chooses to do. 


She noted that his father, Tony Newbold, has been his biggest supporter since day one. 


Pratt credited Tony for the hard work he put in to help Husani get to where he is today.


“Well I always tell him (Husani) that the sky’s the limit and once he stays humble and keeps believing in God, that God can do anything for him. There’s nothing he can’t do.”


With a younger sibling here at home, during his trip home over the Christmas break Pratt recalled when Husani conversed with his sibling to encourage him.


“He has a younger brother and he puts it all into him and tell him ‘I was here where you are now and all I did was focus and did what I was supposed to do to get my grades and I was able to make it where I am today.’ And so he encourages a lot of his younger persons here.


“He went back to school, while he was here and touched base with some of his teachers and stuff like that. So, I think more or less it’s just word-wise and encouraging other people.”


Pratt encouraged students and athletes with college aspirations to seriously look into the Government scholarship programs, which actually helped Husani to go off to school.


The Cornell Rams today at the Spartan Invitational hosted by the University of Dubuque. 


Published  Friday, February 17, 2017 


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