Hugh Campbell Primary students donate to charitable organizations

THANK YOU—A student of Hugh Campbell Primary School right, presented Irene Burrows second right with parcels of food and cleaning supplies to assist with their daily operations. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Students of Hugh W. Primary Primary School recently participated in a Thanksgiving food drive where the students were asked to bring in non perishable food items and cleaning supplies, to donate to local entities on the island that were in need of such. Two organizations, Burrows Home for the Aged and The Grand Bahama Children’s Home were this year’s recipients.

Annette Parker, Senior Mistress, Hugh W. Campbell Primary School, emphasized the significance of encouraging the public to give back to those less fortunate within our community.

“It is good to train our children, to come up in society with a giving heart, knowing that there are people in need and, if they have it, they should help those in need.

“We thought of the Burrows Home because it is familiar to me, through my church and I know that Ms. Burrows (Proprietor, Burrows Home) works hard with the elderly in our community.

“In turn, we asked the children to bring in non-perishable goods, as well as cleaning supplies because we know how important it is for homes to have cleaning supplies as well as canned goods. We not only wanted to feed the body but also help them with cleaning the home as well,” she said.

Parker shared that exposing the students to such acts of kindness, allowing them to play such an integral role in giving back to those less fortunate within the community especially during the Thanksgiving season, is something that has been done for “many, many years.”

“Last year we gave to another home and so we do this on a constant basis. I was so happy when Ms. Burrows said that she would accept the gifts from the children, so they will know how important it is to lend a hand,” she said further.

This year, Parker informed that the group also visited the Grand Bahama Children’s Home with a similar donation.

Irene Burrows, Owner, Burrows Home expressed her sincere gratitude to the students and staff of Hugh W. Campbell Primary School for such a donation, one “received at an opportune time.”

“This means a great deal to us, especially coming from the kids. For them to go out of their way, to do something like this, we really feel it because they will grow up accepting the elderly and know how important it is to help. This means so much to me.

“Right now we are going through some tough times so this donation is a huge help. I thank God for it, for Senior Mistress Parker and the students of Hugh Campbell Primary School for this donation; we are very thankful,” she said.

Two of the students present for the donations shared their thoughts on giving back to the Home in such a way.

Jada Walker, Head Prefect, Hugh W. Campbell High School stated: “It feels amazing to come here and give back in such a way. When I was younger I always helped people and it always touched my heart, to help the less fortunate. It is really a good feeling to give back.”

She was asked what she would say to others to encourage them to give back in similar ways.

“I would encourage them to perhaps come out on Saturdays and help the Burrows Home, or any other Home nearby, and give back in that way,” said the young lass.

Amari Bullard, Sixth Grader, Hugh W. Campbell Primary School commented as well.

“It feels amazing to be able to come and give back because as we grow up we can see that there are persons that are having some struggles in their lives that are in need of a hand out.

“I will participate in such donations again in the future because I appreciate the joys associated with giving,” he concluded.

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