Hugh Campbell Primary School Grade 1 hosts special Easter Assembly

ASSEMBLY OVERVIEW—Lily Strachan-Moxey, principal of Hugh Campbell gave an overview of the Easter assembly that was hosted by the students of grade one. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

In recognition of the Easter season, the grade 1 students of Hugh Campbell Primary School put on a well-orchestrated special event depicting the Easter Story on Thursday past.

The entire school gathered, showing full support to the little darlings, along with a number of welcomed guests, inclusive of proud parents and guardians.

Dressed in costumes, displaying their talents, students from the five grade 1 classes of the primary school participated in the event on the school grounds.

Lilly Strachan-Moxey, Principal, Hugh Campbell Primary School expressed how pleased she was with the students’ performances as well as their teachers’ dedication and commitment to putting on “such a wonderful assembly.”

“This special assembly was put on by our grade 1 students. The grade 1 teachers have come together as a wonderful team and have decided to celebrate the Easter story, in presentation, drama poetry and song, for the entire school.

“We are so glad to have the Easter story presented at this particular time as we are in the Lenten Season, and of course we will soon celebrate what is known as Holy Week.

“This is most important and is most timely. I am so glad to know that in the government schools, we can still celebrate, teach and remember the life of Christ,” said the Principal.

Strachan-Moxey noted also that “since serving as principal of the Mighty Hornets, Hugh Campbell Primary School, this is the first time that students of grade one, have put on such a program.”

“I am so proud of the students. I am elated and honoured actually, just to be here at this particular time, in a school such as this,” expressed Strachan-Moxey.

Keturah Clarke-Duncanson, a Grade 1 Teacher, Hugh Campbell Primary School, played a meaningful role and lauded the students.

“We are a team of six persons and this is our Easter Assembly and we have five grade 1 classes here. All five classes got together to present the worship, art and the excitement of this season. We are hoping that this is not just an ordinary assembly for persons in attendance but one that permeates the spirit of God, because this is the season.

“The students were indeed eager to put on the show prior to the event, however they had a case of cold feet prior to the start. Nonetheless, they put on an incredibly show which was enjoyed by all in attendance.

“They were excited during practice, and could not wait to wave their palms, but as the day approached they shared that they were nervous. However, they came out and they did it. We are so proud of them. It worked out extremely well,” concluded the grade 1 teacher.

In addition to the performances by the students, attendees were also entertained by members of the Bahamas Youth Brass Band, here on the island of Grand Bahama.

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