Hubert Ingraham still behind scene

As much as Former Free National Movement Leader and three-time Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham seems intent on giving the impression that he has left frontline politics for good, he appears always waiting for just the right opportunity to slip back into the mainstream, with the least amount of work on his part.


Our view is that he always wants to be able to point out that he was asked to come back. He was gone before and came back for a third time, even though he had preached loudly that two terms was sufficient.


When it comes to politics, he is considered an addict just like many others today, before him, and those who would be of that ilk in the future.


If The FNM under Dr. Hubert Minnis fails to win the upcoming general elections, Ingraham will be right there available as a option for the leadership a fourth time. That is our strong view. We feel this way because every time Ingraham surfaces with comments on the political scene, it looks like he is trying to stay relevant.


For instance, he talked recently about the FNM unifying. If his interest was truly, more for the betterment of his party, with or without him, long ago, (from back in 2014 when Loretta Butler-Turner first openly challenged the leadership of Dr. Minnis), the time was ripe for him to step forward and make the plea for unification.


Where was Hubert Ingraham then?


A FNM gang in the House of Assembly was rumored to go after Dr. Minnis for the Official Leader status in the House of Assembly several years ago.


Where was Hubert Ingraham then?


Finally a slightly different structured Gang of Seven ousted Dr. Minnis as the Official Opposition Leader in favor of Butler-Butler last December.


Where was Hubert Ingraham then?


Now that Dr. Minnis has survived all of the attempts thus far, at his political life, Ingraham makes the unity call.


Perhaps, he is genuine and has in fact served his last days (leading up to his resignation from the leadership of the FNM and MP for North Abaco in 2012) in front line politics.


However, one just never really knows how the political winds will blow the next day.


What is factual, though, is that Hubert Alexander Ingraham continues to hover over the Bahamian political scene. In particular, he is a large shadow hanging over the FNM.


Published  Monday, February 13, 2017 

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