HOYTES founder praises outgoing Minister of YSC for a job well done

HOYTES founder

The HOYTES Geneva Rutherford Girls’ Basketball Tournament tips off in exactly one week from today, February 23-26. 


Junior and senior girls teams from across the country will compete for the 17th year and this year was said to be a special one by the Tournament committee.


The tournament has also done its job in honoring those who have given to the youth and sports in any fashion. This year’s honoree for the GRT is none other than out-going Minister for the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture the honorable Dr. Danny Johnson. 


HOYTES’ founder, Gladstone “Moon” McPhee voiced that Johnson was a consistent supporter in the HOYTES program’s activities during his time in office.


“I say there’s nothing more fitting than to say thank you to him and his P.S (Permanent Secretary) Calvin Balfour for their continued support of the HOYTES program. So we want to make sure the young people in Grand Bahama, the girls in Grand Bahama and the young men understand that just to say thank you to him.”


The opening ceremony takes place February 24 at 11:00 a.m. and the out-going Minister will be on the island to attend, according to McPhee.


“Bahama Rock sponsors the opening ceremony every year and this year they will do it. So we will make sure that it goes live on ZNS and make sure that the Minister; we want to bring him in, in style. We want to have a contingent to meet him at the airport and to say thank you.”


McPhee, among other sports organization heads have preached the message about saying thank you to those who have contributed to a sport or cause in a major way on countless occasions. He furthered that this is something he hopes the young people need to do more of.


In his career, McPhee has worked closely with past Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture. Moving forward the HOYTES founder said he looks forward to a continued working relationship with whoever holds the post this time around.


“I’ve had some good Ministers. I had Neville Wisdom and because of him we have two weight rooms at the Sports Complex. And Minister (Desmond) Bannister because of him I was able to give the Little League Baseball Association a park. And so we had some good ministers. All the Ministers that I had was very good.


“Now this one is leaving active politics so we want to say to him and P.S, who isn’t leaving, we just want to say thank you and keep up the good work. 


“And whoever is coming in continue the trend, because I’ve seen girls’ basketball come a long way. Now everyone’s getting in the act and I’m very happy about that. I want it to continue, whether I’m here or not, for girls’ basketball and for parents to put their effort in with their young ladies so they can achieve a higher education.”


Published  Thursday, February 16, 2017

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