Hield hailed as more than a teacher

CONGRATULATIONS – Bartlett Hill Primary School teacher, Vanessa Hield was celebrated as Teacher of the Year for all her hard work and dedication to that institution and its students. Pictured from left are Tawana Strachan, Senior Mistress; Denise Greene, Senior Mistress; Vanessa Hield, honoree and Gia Walker, Principal. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Teachers teach from the heart and like a candle consumes itself to light the way of others, so does a good teacher, hence Bartlett Hill Primary School (BHPS) on Friday, February 9 held a ‘Loving you Strong’ Ceremony to honor 2017-2019 Teacher of the Year Vanessa Hield.

Engulfed in an outpouring of love and appreciation, Hield, who was surrounded by family, friends, colleagues and students smiled, as tribute after tribute was rendered to her for all she has done to instill a passion for learning in each child.

Gia Walker, BHPS Principal sang the praises of Hield stating, “Certainly, it is a pleasure for the Bartlett Hill Primary School family to celebrate our 2017-2019 Teacher of the Year Vanessa Hield.

“She has shown true dedication, working hard to impact the lives of her students in a positive way and throughout her time here at BHPS she has taught every grade level.

“Teaching is the world’s noblest profession and those who join do not do so simply for the paycheck but ultimately because they have a passion for it and that certainly is the truth for Ms. Hield.

“Today, Ms. Hield has her parents, husband, children, siblings and colleagues all here honoring her as well as students’ parents who are grateful for all she does and we are elated to honor such a dynamic educator.”
Mary, Star of the Sea Catholic Church rector Fr. David Cooper, Senior Education Officer, Gaylene Pinder, and former BHPS principal Jacqueline Pinder as well as several fellow Teachers of the Year from Primary Schools across Grand Bahama showered Hield with accolades, gifts and best wishes, as they all agreed that now is finally her time to shine.

According to Senior Education Officer Pinder, “Indeed it is a joy to celebrate with the BHPS Family as they honor Ms. Hield, who is one of 10 teachers chosen by schools across Grand Bahama to represent them as Teacher of the Year for 2017-2019.

“The title of Teacher of the Year is very prestigious and the person who holds it must be someone with an above average ACR Rating for more than three years, be heavily involved in the school and community as well as maintain good success with their students, along with having the support of the staff and Parents Teachers Association of their school.

“Definitely Ms. Hield has met all of those requirements, hence she was chosen as the Teacher of the Year for Bartlett Hill Primary School; schools have the option to celebrate their teacher and I must say that the ceremony held here for Ms. Hield is absolutely lovely.

“Both current and former colleagues, as well as students, parents, family and friends are demonstrating exactly how much they love, care and appreciate Ms. Hield.

“Of course I am overjoyed and surprised to see so many teachers from various schools coming here with the permission of their principals to be here in support of Ms. Hield, which shows that she has influence that is positive and inspirational.”

Pantomimes, skits and songs rendered by BHPS students all heralded the praises of Hield, who danced, giggled and shouted for joy at the love displayed.

Grateful for every blessing and quick to demonstrate her appreciation with more than a simple thank you but a heartfelt phrase “loving you strong”, which is synonyms with her bubbly personality, Hield revealed she lives by Psalms 27:14, which declares, “Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart.”
Admittedly, Hield shared that she has learned not to rush anything in life but to be still and allow God to complete His work in her life, and for the past six years at BHPS, she appreciates the fact that she has always been included in selecting the Teacher of the Year, which in her view meant that she had been doing something good.

Furthermore, she revealed that the very year she decided, “not to check” she was selected by a group of her peers to serve as the Teacher of the Year for 2017-2019 at the school.

“Truly I am honored to represent the mighty Invaders of Bartlett Hill Primary School; mentorship, guidance has come in such a great abundance from this school and I must thank all of you particularly Mary E. Russell, Joan Stubbs, Charmaine Russell, Gretel Harvey, Levette Farrington, Feren Deleveaux, my mother, who also is an educator as well as my debonair husband Solomon Sr., and our three children Kuvanti, Solomon Jr. and Sydnee.
“Indeed I give thanks with a grateful heart for all that God has done and continues to do in my life, and I want to thank the staff, administration and parents for selecting me as Teacher of the Year ,and I want you all to know that I love you.

“I am humbled, honored and appreciative for all those who have traveled from near and far, other Teachers of the Year and others who played a role no matter how small, in making this day a success.
“And most importantly to my students other than I am going to continue loving you strong and do my best to help you become the intelligent, good students that I know you are and may God continue to bless and keep all of you,” declared Hield.

At the conclusion of the ceremony the honoree was treated to a scrumptious meal and enjoyed all the hugs, kisses and tokens of appreciation given her, noting that truly all the glory and honor belong to God.

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