Hawks Alumni to host weekend events Sept. 21 and 22 for former educator Cheryl Marshall-Campbell

IN SUPPORT OF VETERAN EDUCATOR – Hawksbill High School Alumni is coming to the aid of a beloved educator, Cheryl Marshall-Campbell, by hosting several events to assist with medical expenses. Organizers had planned the events – a souse out, walk-a-thon and Gospel Concert – for this weekend, August 12 and 13; however, those dates had to be pushed to September 21 and 22. Pictured seated from left are Neville Brennen, Elcina Campbell-Duncombe, Cecil Thompson and Peter Adderley. Standing from left are Barry B. Morris and Derek Stubbs. (PHOTO: JUELANDA THOMPSON)

Hawksbill High School Alumni is coming to the aid of a beloved educator, Cheryl Marshall-Campbell, by hosting several events to assist with medical expenses.

Organizers had planned the events – a souse out, walk-a-thon and Gospel Concert – for this weekend, August 12 and 13; however, those dates had to be pushed to September 21 and 22.

During the initial press conference to announce the events August 2, organizers appealed to the community to support the weekend activities. Their appeal was reiterated, despite the change in dates.

The walkathon is set for Saturday, September 21 beginning from Christ the King to the International Bazaar and Sunday, September 22 will be the Gospel Concert at New Life Worship Centre.

Campbell, who was a former educator, friend and mother to many, was said to have advocated for sustainability in the academic system and as a former Hawksbill High school Principal, Cecil Thompson described her as “extra ordinary.

“Cheryl’s contributions to Hawksbill High School were extraordinaire and there is no other way to explain that it was multi-faceted.

“She was head of the Business Department; she was Administrative Assistant, she was Acting Vice Principal, she was everything and anything positive that came out of Hawksbill High school, Cheryl Marshall signature was all over it,” he said.

“She was the person who started graduation at Hawksbill High School and she was advisor to every graduating class. Every aspect of the school life whether it was pageantry, house sports, basketball court, going to Nassau for Hugh Campbell; whether it was the establishment of Hawksbill High Marching band, Cheryl Marshall-Campbell was deeply involved.

“Early this year around March, she has been experiencing some health challenges for some time and early this year, she had one of her legs amputated. So, I am issuing a summons to all Hawks of ‘Hawks Nation’ that on the dates mentioned – Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22 – come out.

“We want to make this the ‘mother ‘of all walk-a-thons,” appealed Thompson. “The ‘mother’ of all breakfasts and the ‘mother’ of all Gospel Concerts by coming and showing our support, because this lady is big in stature and she maintained contact with thousands of students who would’ve graduated from Hawksbill High School over the years.”

Director of Bahama Brass Band Barry B. Morris, member of Hawksbill High Alumni Committee was a part of Campbell’s special teaching career at Hawksbill High School and he noted, “This occasion is to allow the public to know that we are in the process of honouring a veteran educator in the presence of Cheryl Marshall-Campbell.

“Every year the Bahama Brass Band seeks to honour great Bahamians and normally when we have these events, we would have at least two to three or four Bahamians. But because of who Cheryl Marshall-Campbell is, we cannot do it that way, so we only can do her at this time.

“We want to single her out for the many contributions she has made and what is happening is, we are putting on a massive concert. It is going to be a wonderful evening of tributes to Mrs. Campbell and the band along with a cadre of other talented artists will gather at the New Life Community Church on Coral Road where Pastor Simeon Outten, a fellow Hawk is the pastor.

“We are encouraging the community to come on out. There will be a small donation and it is going to be an experience that you will not forget.”

Morris shared persons can purchase tickets at D’s Shoes on the West Mall or Gizmos and Gadgets downtown, Freeport.

“You do not want to miss this event. Certain things are going to be happening that, I think, will crystalize what it means to be a great Bahamian.

“We are going to be highlighting the contributions that Mrs. Campbell has made to thousands of students throughout the entire Commonwealth of The Bahamas, but in particular Grand Bahama,” said Morris.

“We are going to highlight her personality, her family life so you can see that this woman is not just one dimension, but she is a woman of many dimensions and levels of contribution.

“Thirdly, you are going to be exposed to one of the best talents that Grand Bahama has to offer and so, I would invite everyone to come on out,” he added.

Committee Member and alumni Derek Stubbs, spoke on his personal experience with the educator.

“Cheryl is special to me … I remember in the early 2000s I was elected the youngest person in Local Government. Many persons believed it was about my popularity, but it was not. It was because Cheryl Campbell came to me, got all my paraphernalia and she hit the streets in my community. She went door-to-door in my community and decided to take over the campaign.

“I believe today, that is the reason why I was elected and I owe her so much and so do thousands and thousands of young and old people in the community of Grand Bahama,” Stubbs said.

“I am so proud to have another opportunity to do a good deed and a great gesture. I was elated to be a part of a committee with such great people, the Hawksbill High family. This is the school that represents Grand Bahama, this is the school that makes Grand Bahama, it is all that Grand Bahama is.

“So, on Saturday, September 21 beginning at 6:00 a.m. we are asking all to assemble at Christ the King Parking Lot and we will walk to the International Airport (the roundabout) and walk back to Chris the King. Once we arrive at Christ the King, there will be a souse out and a time of fellowship.

“This is all in honour for a great woman,” he added.

“I implore the community and all former students, who can be a part of this event to come out,” he concluded.

Former Student Council President and Head Boy Peter Adderley said, “Cheryl Marshall-Campbell is a symbol of care and community. It would have been in direct contrast to her spirit of community and team work to hold events to honour her, during the Annual BASRA weekend.

“BASRA’s cause is too great for competition, and Hawks are too mighty to ignore the bigger picture. Thus, the postponement.”

Despite the date change, Adderley encouraged all former students of Hawksbill High school to be a part of the events come next month – Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22 to honour and pay tribute to a great and legendary educator.

Friend of the family, Elcina Campbell-Duncombe, who both worked along with Campbell to create the BGCSE system in Grand Bahama said, she was a pioneer of one of the famous sororities in Grand Bahama.

“Cheryl Marshall-Campbell is one of the few persons I know with just the biggest heart in the world. Her philanthropic arms have stretched across nationalities, across denominations and “everything. Whenever there is a need, Cheryl is always there, she does not know the word no.

Therefore, I am pleased that members of the Hawksbill High School family are using this opportunity to pay tribute to her and at the same time raise some funds, because it is much needed,” said Campbell-Duncombe.

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