HASB’s 2020 Candlelight Memorial to take on a ‘down home’ feel


HIV/AIDS Survivors Benefit (HASB) GB team announced yesterday – Wednesday, February 12 – that they are gearing up for the 2020 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial, which is scheduled for Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Sea Grape on Sunday, May 17, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

According to the organizations founder, Kevin Thompson Delancy, Esq. J.P., HIV/AIDS activist and 34 years survivor, this year’s service will be taken “down home.”

“We are headed into the depth of the community, Sea Grape, Eight Mile Rock at t. Calvary Church, where Rev. Paul G. Mullings is the senior pastor. We are looking to have a very good time, with good old singing and teaching, and message from the word of God,” said Delancy.

In addition to the “down home” feel, Delancy revealed that that persons selected to be honoured last year, 2019, for the HASB Honours will be recognized at the service.

“So, during the Candlelight Memorial those individuals – Antony Miller, Afrika Karamo-Miller, Deacon Jeff Hollingsworth, Dr. Eric Brown, Dr. Shailesh Hegde, Jeanine Baillou, Morris and Michelle Simmons, Magistrate Rengin Johnson and Nina Winters – will be honoured for their contributions in the fight against HIV/AIDS,” he added.

Delancy noted that HASB Honours was scheduled for September 2019, however, Hurricane Dorian forced organizers to postpone the event.

“So, they will be honoured at the service on May 17 at Mt. Calvary Church starting at 7:00 p.m.,” he reiterated.

“We are expecting a number special guests for this event, so we look forward to the entire Grand Bahama community coming out and supporting this event.”

Delancy noted that the organization is going through a very difficult time now, so a number of its workshops, including Positive Impact were put on hold. “However, we will be continuing to work throughout 2020, but right now our main focus right now is to host the Candlelight Memorial service and honour those that have assisted HASB through the years.

“Hurricane Dorian had a catastrophic impact on our lives, homes and businesses extending to the civic arena. HASB was not untouched; we have borne the brunt of misappropriation of relief items and supplies by local businesses and organizations, as we aimed to assist our patients in recovery.

“Our resources suffered; however, we are still dedicated to our mission in making a difference and positively impacting the lives of persons living with the disease and continuing to raise awareness to prevent and eradicate its spread,” said Delancy.

“We are challenged, but we are not out. So, we encourage the community to join us as we continue to take the forefront on the war against HIV/AIDS. We remain committed to ‘Touching lives and bringing hope’ as our motto says.

“The late Edward M. Kennedy, an American politician once penned, ‘The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die.’ That is what we at HASB believe,” Delancy concluded.

Rev. Mullings noted that he is pleased to support Delancy and the HASB team as they continue to take the lead in the fight against HIV/AIDS, particularly in educating the young people to abstain from causal sexual activities.

“We invite residents from far and wide to join us on Sunday, May 17 as Mr. Delancy and his team spread their message and we share the word of God, and honour those that have given of their time and resources in the fight against this disease,” said Rev. Mullings.

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