HASB Concert honorees selected for their selfless contributions

The countdown is on to the Third Annual HIV/AIDS Survivors Benefit (HASB) Charity Concert set for Sunday, September 30 and the organization’s president, Kevin Thompson-Delancy, is not only excited about the upcoming event but humbled by the outpouring of support from the Grand Bahama community.

“We are happy, pleased, over the enthusiasm from the community for our concert. Ticket sales are going well, and we are very thankful, in fact, grateful to the Grand Bahama Port Authority for being the major sponsor for this year’s concert,” said HASB’s president in an interview with this daily Monday (September 10) evening.

“Their corporate sponsorship speaks volumes of the executives’ desire to not only educate the community on HIV/AIDS, but to assist in the care of those critically ill and living with the disease. Again, I say thank you to Sarah St. George and the GBPA.”

Thompson-Delancy noted that St. George and the other honorees – Fred Sturrup, Obie Wilchcombe, Dr. Alfred Braithwaite, Nurse Vivian Braithwaite, Evelyn Lightbourne and Sharon Williams – selected for this year’s annual concert have supported HASB since its inception.

“Whether it was financially, giving of their time or providing care – our honorees have proven what is meant by being your brothers’ keeper. They have stood by this organization since it began in 2011, when I returned home from the United States wanting to help those living with the disease, educate and sensitize the community – providing facts not myths about HIV/AIDS, and more importantly, speaking out against the discrimination and stigma as it relates to HIV/AIDS,” said Thompson-Delancy.

“Therefore, I am grateful to our honorees and it is only fitting at this our third year, that we honor those distinguished men and women for their contributions.”

Thompson-Delancy stated that the concert will start promptly at 4:00 p.m. at the Church of Ascension. “We start on time … we want to give our guest soloist Ricardo Knowles and our partners, again this year – the Grand Bahama Chorale – their time to perform for the audience.

“I know that those in attendance will enjoy the list of negro spirituals the choir has lined up and Mr. Knowles, will of course, not disappoint.

“So, you can come expecting a beautiful evening of melody as you assist HASB in continuing its programs – feeding and caring for the critically ill; Positive Impact (HIV/AIDS education) and Rapid Testing.”

This daily had the opportunity to speak with one of the honorees, Lightbourne, who was described as the ‘Silent Champion.’

Not one to be at the forefront, Lightbourne was one who encouraged Thompson-Delancy to start the organization and since that time, she has continued to support HASB through several avenues, including caring for those living with the disease.

“I don’t like to be in the front; I prefer to be in the background doing what I can, when and wherever I can. So, when Kevin told me about honoring me, I told him, ‘Kevin you know I don’t like to be up front.’

“But I realize that in the Bible it spoke about being recognized after you have been doing things from your heart. I just want to thank Kevin for recognizing me and I want to encourage him to continue to keep on keeping on, and I will be right there to assist,” said Lightbourne.

She encouraged those that have not gotten their tickets for the event to do so, as it is for a worthy cause.

Tickets are available at Kross Town Food Store and Beauty Ego.

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