Harcourt Developments’ GB misrepresentation

The online facility associated with Harcourt Developments, is misrepresenting the true situation regarding its investment in Grand Bahama.


Like politicians, investors, in many instances walk that tight line between the truth and the untruth.


During political seasons, the rhetoric flies as party representatives or independents seek to paint attractive pictures for the electorate.


In Grand Bahama, long ago, it was generally established that residents are not easily manipulated. When the one-time-ago Progressive Liberal Party appeared to take Grand Bahama voters for granted, they rebelled and ostracized the PLP candidates for the most part, for decades.


The island became known as Free National Movement (FNM) country. However, when disillusioned with the FNM, as has been demonstrated during two elections cycles in recent decades, GB voters made their marks in the ballot boxes, against the FNM.


There is a different mindset in this island.


Residents expect promises to be lived up to. They expect this from the politicians and also from the investors.


Grand Bahamians are on the watch. The politicians and investors are under the microscope. We, The Freeport News, as the lead proponent for the Fourth Estate on the island, pledge to continue partnering with island residents to hold political leaders and investors to their responsibilities.


In the case of politicians, the voters can change them, if they will, every five years. Investors are somewhat different from politicians however. There are all sorts of ramifications due to contracts and other signed documents. Even though investors are obligated to maintain properties in keeping with what is ideal for this island, they often backslide.  Also, certain pictures are put out there about investments that are not true.


Accordingly, to make the point today, we point to Harcourt Developments.  A simple online check would result in identifying a Head Office in Dublin, Ireland; Titanic Quarter Limited in Queen’s Island, Belfast; Jersey office in St. Helier, Jersey; and Grand Bahama as holdings of Harcourt Developments. A further examination of the online data regarding the Grand Bahama investment would produce a mini-slide of Royal Oasis, Bahamas.


Yes indeed, Royal Oasis is still being advertised online. A beautiful sunset skyline photo, magical green waters, an enticing beach scene depict the Royal Oasis investment in Grand Bahama, accompanied by the following script: “The Royal Oasis is one of the largest resorts on Grand Bahama Island. Located on 172 hectares (425 acres) of tropical gardens, the property includes 1,000 bedrooms, two USGA-rated championship 18-hole golf courses,  fitness centre and water park.”


Royal Oasis staffers were paid out during the first Perry Christie Administration more than 10 years ago, following the twin Hurricanes Jeanne and Frances.


Of course, this online data is a misrepresentation.


We in Grand Bahama and some others know better. Nevertheless, there are those who will believe in the bill of goods being sold by the online information associated with Harcourt Developments.


Just as our politicians, should be about the full truth at all times, the same is expected of investors and their representative entities.


Published  Monday, February 27, 2017 


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