Hampton Academy students pay homage to National Heroes

FUTURE HEROES – The students of Hampton Academy dressed up as their favorite role models in celebration of National Hero’s Day on Friday, October 6. Pictured with the students are Christine Bain (left), teacher and Janure Culmer (right), principal.

From politicians and athletes to religious leaders, all of whom have made significant contributions to The Bahamas over the years – paying homage to national heroes was the order of the day at Hampton Academy on Friday.

The learning institution recognized some of the many Bahamian heroes that have, and continue to positively impact the nation.

The ‘Little Darlings,’ the future of the nation, were dressed as various national heroes in celebration of the public holiday, observed yesterday – October 9.

According to Janure Culmer, Principal of Hampton Academy, it was important for her students to pay homage to the country’s national heroes so that they will have a greater appreciation for who they are and the contributions they have made to the country.

“Today we are saluting our national heroes. The purpose of doing this is to educate the children and also the community, of who the national heroes are and also what the day means. This particular holiday was once known as Columbus Day and then it was changed to Discovery Day, and now it is National Heroes Day.

“Many times we have these days off and children only see it as a day off from school, but it has to have some meaning. We wanted to make sure that the kids know why we are celebrating and why the day is so important,” shared Culmer.

She noted that having her students depict a national hero of their choosing in not an annual event, as this is the first year that they have dressed as national heroes.

“This is the first time that we are doing it, simply because last year we had parents ask us what holiday was it that we are celebrating. This year, we wanted to ensure that they understood why it is so important.

“Hopefully, it will be an annual event and other schools will do the same. We dress up for Halloween all of the time and other events such as career day, but what about our national heroes?

Six-year-old Joshua Williams was elated to announce that he was dressed as NBA player Buddy Hield, for the event. Questioned if he was aware of who Hield was, he stated, “He is a basketball player from The Bahamas.”

Asked how it felt to be dressed as Hield in recognition of National Heroes Day, Williams answered, “It feels really good!”

Nashawn Kemp, five-year-old Hampton Academy student, was dressed as the late Dr. Myles Munroe. Sharing that Dr. Myles was a national hero and a pastor, Kemp quoted the scripture Nehemiah 8:10 from memory, “Do not be sorry, for the joy of The Lord is your strength.”

Other national heroes recognized at the school on Friday were former Prime Minister, Perry Christie, current Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, gold medalists – ‘The Golden Girls,’ as well as ‘The Golden Knights.’

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