Hampton Academy donates to GB Red Cross, Adventists

DONATION — Staff, students and teachers of Hampton Academy visited The Bahamas Red Cross, Grand Bahama Centre on Friday November 30 with a large quantity of non perishable items, to assist in the Centre’s Meals on Wheels initiative. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Administration, staff, parents and students of Hampton Academy recently made a special visit to the Bahamas Red Cross, Grand Bahama Centre, located on Jobson Avenue and The Seventh-Day Adventists Church located on Gambier Drive, to personally donate canned goods to each organization. The items had been collected by students, parents and teachers of the school.

Janure Culmer, Principal, Hampton Academy informed that this year’s initiative which took place last Friday, was an idea formulated by her staff. She expressed satisfaction with the process and being able to “give back to those in need during this Yuletide season.”

“The teachers actually came up with the idea of a canned good drive, to donate to The Bahamas Red Cross and the Seventh-Day Adventist Church to assist those in need, with Christmas fast approaching.

“This is actually the effort of the parents and teachers and I think that they did an awesome job.

“The teachers have been collecting the items for the past three weeks. Every Friday, everyone would bring in things, all non-perishable items.”

The principal of Hampton Academy also noted that this is not the first year that they have made such a donation, having conducted a similar effort a few years ago, where the Grand Bahama Children’s Home was the recipient.

“Normally when we give, we do not make it public. I am a silent giver but, because of the efforts of the teachers I wanted to let them know that I am appreciative as well.

“It is the season of giving, which should be the case all year round,” said Culmer.

Stephanie Barr, Administrator, Bahamas Red Cross, Grand Bahama Centre expressed her “extreme appreciation and gratitude” for the donation of non perishable food items.

“This is truly a blessing to us. Our pantry is dry and we could not assist persons here, for the past week because we are dry. To have Hampton Academy come here today, it is truly a blessing to The Bahamas Red Cross, Grand Bahama Centre.

“We can now package some items and give persons who come to our doors. In all things give thanks. We give thanks and praise to Hampton Academy for coming here and donating,  and for their weeks of planning. We are eternally grateful to them, as we are in our need period here at the Centre.”

She was questioned as to, on average, how many persons receive assistance from the local Bahamas Red Cross Centre. 

“We feed 59 persons on our meals on wheels program every day. We cook a hot meal and then go out and distribute. At the end of the month, we also assist an additional 21 persons. We give them parcels and they prepare the meals themselves.

“We also have persons who come to our doors, who just do not have it. That is why we are so very grateful for this donation from Hampton. So when they (needy persons) come now. We can give them some items.

“It is a lot on us and we hate to turn persons away. Grand Bahama is going through a rough time. We understand that and that is why we are so grateful. I cannot express how grateful I am, that they have come here today,” concluded Barr.

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