Grieving mother urges young Bahamians to stop the violence, seek God

NO MORE VIOLENCE – Florence Young, mother of the late Patrick Young (pictured) asks more young people to turn to God for guidance instead of resorting to violence, following the untimely death of her son. (PHOTO COURTESY OF YOUNG FAMILY)

In the wake of her son’s death, Florence Young, mother of the late Patrick Jude Young, urged young Bahamians to seek God and turn away from committing acts of violence.

Young, 38, whose official identity was released by authorities on Thursday (August 8) succumbed to injuries he sustained a month earlier (July) in a shooting incident on Tuesday (August 6) morning.

In an emotional interview with this daily yesterday – Tuesday, August 13 – the grieving mother spoke about her son and the increasing gun violence in the country.

She said that her son was a friendly and kind person who knew many people, especially since he worked at the family restaurant ‘Mama Flo’s’ which is located on Yellow Pine Street.

“My son was a fun person,” she added.

Young recalled that on the night Patrick was shot, she understands that he went over to greet a friend right before the alleged shooter opened fire.

Young furthered that she understands someone shot at the friend and the bullet went through him and hit her son.

She claimed that her family has not heard from the police since they identified his body at the morgue last week, but they did find out that the person allegedly responsible for the shooting is in police custody.

“It’s good that they have him, but that don’t bring my son back,” she said.

Young said that although her son is gone, she forgives the person who is believed to be responsible for his demise.

“I just pray to God that he can find peace in himself and seek God,” she said.

The grieving mother and grandmother, also took the opportunity to appeal to all Bahamian youth, particularly young men.

“They need to put down the guns, stop the violence and pick up the Bible,” she stated.

She noted that it is sad that every day, someone loses their life due to senseless violence.

“These days and times, everybody wants to be doing their own thing and no one is thinking about their soul,” she added.

She noted that because of this mindset even innocent people, like her son, who are not involved in a criminal lifestyle are losing their lives to acts of violence. “These acts affect the entire community, namely the loved ones they leave behind like me, a mother, and my son’s four boys who are 17, 14, 12 and eight, who are now without a father.”

She expressed that ‘the enemy’ is trying to use them to commit these heinous acts of violence and they need to pay more attention to building a relationship with God to avoid those types of situations.

Young revealed that she once had six children, four boys and two girls, but her oldest son went missing seven years ago; therefore, to her knowledge, she only has four (children) left.

She stated that the family is planning Patrick’s funeral for August 24, they are only waiting for his body to be released to them.

According to reports, Young died on Tuesday (August 6) around 9:25 a.m. at the Rand Memorial Hospital (RMH). The other victim from the same shooting was still hospitalized at the time of Young’s death.

The shooting incident that claimed Young’s life occurred on Sunday, July 7, 2019 shortly before 4:00 a.m. Police were called to a business establishment on East Sunrise Highway, where it is reported that a lone gunman opened fire hitting two males.

Reports revealed that one of the males sustained injuries to the upper body and the other to the lower body. They were both transported to the Rand Memorial Hospital (RMH) via Emergency Medical Services (EMS), where both victims were initially listed in serious condition.

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