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More than a year after announcing his leadership of the newly formed United Democratic Party (UDP), Marco City MP?Greg Moss yesterday announced his departure from the UDP and frontline politics.

“With immediate effect, I am suspending my involvement in the national election process of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in order to more fully commit myself to my family and to my business and professional obligations,” Moss said in a statement.

“As a result, I?have resigned as leader of the United Democratic Party and will not be offering myself for re-election to the House of Assembly during the 2017 general election.”

In his resignation statement, Moss also hinted that the UDP might be considering joining forces with another political party.

“I remain confident in the continued leadership of the United Democratic Party by Mr. John Pinder, Mr. C. Allen Johnson and the entire executive committee, and wish them every success with such arrangements or affiliations as they may deem to be appropriate to advance the interest of the United Democratic Party and the people of our beloved Commonwealth of The Bahamas,”?he said.

“I?also wish to confirm my honor to have served with, and my unreserved respect and support for, all of the candidates of the United Democratic Party and wish them every success in the 2017 general election.”

Moss, elected to the House in 2012, had an interesting freshman run.

He joined under the banner of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), but quickly found himself embroiled in a scandal at the National Insurance Board where he served as chairman, when he and then NIB?Director Algernon Cargill locked horns over various operational issues.

The fight culminated in Cargill’s departure and Moss being fired by Prime Minister Perry Christie in January 2013 after refusing to resign.

Moss was often fiercely critical of the PLP?while still a member of that organization, hitting out at the party on a number of issues — from mortgage relief, to crime, to value-added tax, which he vehemently opposed throughout his tenure.

In June 2015, Moss had had enough, and abruptly resigned from the PLP?after a scathing budget debate contribution during which he said after viewing the governing party’s performance, one could reasonably conclude that “The Bahamas is not better”.

Moss, an attorney, formed the United Democratic Party in November 2015.


Published Saturday, March, 18, 2017

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