Govt. support of vocational, technical education lauded

BTVI 2018- BTVI conducted their 2018 commencement ceremony at Freeport Bible Church, students completed their journey at the institute in various courses like auto mechanics, carpentry, cosmetology, electrical installation, electronics & cable installation, office assistant, office administration, plumbing and welding. (Photos: Jenneva Russell)

The Government of The Bahamas was praised for its continued support of technical and vocational education.

The 2018 Bahamas Technical Vocational Institute Commencement Ceremony took place on Friday (May 11) morning at Freeport Bible Church, and Kevin Basden of the BTVI Board of Directors gave the primary remarks to graduates.

In his message to the graduating class, Basden said “graduation day is the pinnacle of any student’s journey.”

“It is an accomplishment you get to share with family, friends and classmates and your proud instructors. I advise you to equip yourselves and stay current in your respective fields to remain competitive in a global workforce.

“Do not become complacent for you are graduating at the height of a technical revolution,” he said.
Basden noted that the “Bahamas Government continues to be supportive of technical and vocational education and training.” He told his audience that Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd spoke to the government’s expanded focus on technical and vocational training when addressing the 39th Annual United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) conference in Paris, France last November.
Basden pledged that BTVI would stand by the government’s commitment to technical and vocational training. As the government seeks to bolster human capital outcomes, BTVI has a strategic role in that plan, he stated.

“We recognize that a skilled workforce supports economic growth and a better quality of life for our people. BTVI is key to providing skilled labor, offering n

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