GBA trio excel in national examinations

GBASDA TOP ACHIEVERS — Three young female students at the Grand Bahama Academy of Seventh-Day Adventists recently returned to the island after being honoured by the Ministry of Education for their outstanding results during the 2018 national examinations. Pictured from left to right are Deazurene Sargent, Talia Burrows and Ostonya Thomas. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Three outstanding females enrolled at the Grand Bahama Academy (GBA) of Seventh-Day Adventists recently returned from Nassau having accepted well deserving recognition from the Ministry of Education’s Examination and Assessment Division, for their outstanding performances in the 2018 national examinations.

The young ladies received top honours for their results and were invited to the capital to receive their awards on Monday, February 4.

GBA Principal Diane Jones told this daily that the school is extremely proud of the trio and encourages them as well as the entire school populous, to continue to excel and keep the students on the island of Grand Bahama at the forefront in terms of national examinations results.

“For the past few years, we have had students that have done exceptionally well in their external examinations. This past year, in the Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) and the Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) examinations, we had three students that were recognized by the awards service held in Nassau, on Monday, February 4.

“These three students were Ostonya Thomas, Talia Burrows and Deazurene Sargent. The students were awarded by the ministry for passing five or more BJCs and BGCSEs in their areas of concentration. Ostonya Thomas received the top results for the BGCSE, for the island of Grand Bahama. Talia Burrows received the top results for the BJCs for the island of Grand Bahama,” said Jones.

She added that Sargent received honorary mention during the ceremony for high scores for her performance during her national examinations last year.

“As a school, we continue to salute them, we continue to encourage them to continue to keep Grand Bahama on the map,” concluded Jones.

Thomas, who serves as Deputy Head Girl, shared her thoughts on receiving such an honour. “I was very happy when I found out that I was being honoured.”

Questioned what the secret to her success was, Thomas answered, “There wasn’t really any secret, it was just working really hard, lots of prayer and reading my Bible. Ask God for help, and it will happen for you.”

Travelling to the capital to personally accept their awards she shared, “It was a nice experience.”

Thomas added that she sat nine BGCSE subjects last year. She received four As, three Bs and two Cs.

She was asked what her plans are for the future to which she stated, “I plan on going either to Benedict College in South Carolina or Troy University in Alabama to study Physics.”

Burrows, Junior Prefect received top honour for her 2018 BJC results. She told this daily. “I was very shocked when I heard I was being honoured, because I did not think that I would receive the highest results on the island of Grand Bahama. I felt very excited and proud of myself. I received seven As.”

She too was asked what her secret to success was. Burrows responded, “I asked a lot of questions when I did not understand something and I studied very hard. I also put God first in everything that I did.”

Burrows was also asked her intentions after high school. She said, “I plan on going to college, and I want to become an accountant.

Sargent, fellow Junior Prefect received honorary mention for her outstanding BJC scores.

“I was very excited to travel to Nassau. It was an awesome experience, to be able to receive such a remarkable reward. I took seven BJCs and received five As and two Bs.”

Sargent was also questioned on her plans after high school to which she stated, “I would like to go off to college. I am not sure which one yet, but I would like to study medicine and become an oncologist.”

Her advice to other students to encourage them to excel academically, “Put God first, put in the time and effort to study, work hard and you can achieve it.”

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