GB Regatta Committee to host annual fund-raiser to bolster upcoming Regatta

Pictured from left Commercial Manager for Burns House Grand Bahama DeCarlo McPhee; GB Regatta committee chairman

The 22nd Grand Bahama Regatta and Homecoming is expected to have Taino Beach buzzing this summer.


Set for July 28 – 30, locals will be treated to an “improved” product while watching sailors compete vigorously that weekend. 


However, prior to the actual event, the GB Regatta and Homecoming Committee announced that its annual fund-raiser is expected to help in delivering a successful regatta weekend.


As a result the Fourth Annual Good Friday Fish Fry is slated for April 14 on the Independence Park, between the hours of 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. 


This past Monday (April 10) committee chairman, Chervita Campbell, encouraged residents to support the event.


“Again we are hosting our 22nd Annual Regatta on July 28 - 30. And before we take off, we want to make sure we are able to raise some funds toward deferring the cost of hosting our Regatta. 


“And so, we ask persons in the community to come out and support. We’ll also be having samples of our signature drinks for persons to taste at no cost,” Campbell expressed. 


As far as the Regatta is concerned, Campbell said that the plans are coming along just fine. 


She disclosed that there a few new sponsors on board and they will be revealed at a later date. 


Campbell maintained the committee has kept in mind the suggestions from locals on how they could make the Regatta experience and better. 


Dubbing Taino Beach as one of the locations to host the sailing event, Campbell said, she believed the location is not the issue.


She admitted that the committee fell short as it relates to on-shore activities.


“Hosting on-shore activities, I think that’s where most of our issues come up, where persons have a greater expectation of what should be on-shore. 


“But this year, we are trying to adjust and make accommodations of events; but again, Grand Bahamians, it is up to us to come out and truly support it, and accept it for what is – and this is our cultural, economical boost event,” she concluded.


Burns House is on board as one of the Regatta’s partners and distributors. Commercial Manager, DeCarlo McPhee, voiced that this is the company’s first time being a part of the occasion. 


“We’re really looking forward to it. I think we’re going to bring a different dynamic to it than what you’ve seen in the past. We’re hoping for Grand Bahamians who live in various parts of The Bahamas to come on home, have some fun. 


“Those who are into the sailing can watch the races. Those who are looking for a good time, come on down and party with Kalik. 


“Kalik is a brand synonymous with Regattas. We take part in Regattas all over the country whether it be Exuma, Harbor Island and all of the islands. So, we’re really excited to be a part of Grand Bahama this year,” McPhee expressed.


Published  Wednesday, April 12, 2017 


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