Freeport Rugby team falls short of finals in Heineken Cup

The Heineken Cup Play-offs rolled along this past Saturday at the Freeport Rugby Football Club. 


It was a Nassau vs. Freeport tilt to determine who moved on to the Heineken Cup Finals. The Freeport team looked to erase a double-digit deficit forced by the Bucc’s out of New Providence but came up short in the end.


The Bucc’s prevailed with a 27-24 victory and will place in the championship game staged in New Providence.


Team Freeport led in the early goings of the match 7-5. The Bucc’s regrouped and took a 12-7 lead midway through the first half. The Bucc’s scored a drop goal to make it 15-7 lead with just minutes remaining before halftime.  However, the home team scored on a try and converted before the halftime whistle. 


With the score so close the Bucc’s game plan going into the second half were to ‘put their points before the Freeport team does.’ 


The Bucc’s seemed to be more physical coming out of the break and instantly scored a try to increase their lead 20-12. The team out of New Providence did not let up and ballooned the lead, 27-12. 


Not a team to go away so easily, Team Freeport made their way past the Bucc’s to make it a 27-19 game after the try and conversion with 11 minutes to spare in the second half.


Team Freeport managed to tack on another try to make it a 27-24 game, but the Bucc’s eventually kept the home team at bay.  


Published  Wednesday, March 29 2017 


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