Free meal and food packages for residents in need

REACHING OUT TO THE COMMUNITY – Residents in the Sergeant Major Road area received free breakfast and groceries on Saturday, April 13 courtesy of New Horizon Worship Centre, Senior Pastor Karol Roache, the Women’s Ministry and members. (PHOTO: JUELANDA THOMPSON)

One hundred and fifty residents living in the Sergeant Major Road area were recipients of free breakfast and grocery items on Saturday, April 13, courtesy of New Horizon Worship Centre (NHWC).

The giveaway was held at the Gladstone “Moon” McPhee Park, where families in need were welcomed to enjoy the sound of gospel music, while eating a hot meal. 

Senior Pastor Karol Roache described the experience as showing the community, “the love of Jesus Christ” and hopes to extend more community assistance moving forward.

Under the leadership of Roache, the church was established during July 2017 and is seeking to enlighten the hearts of many residing close by.

“We are in this park simply because the church is in the neighborhood and we wanted to touch this community in a practical way with the love of Jesus.

“We are always preaching to them about the Lord Jesus Christ and of course, that is good; but people need to see and feel the love of Jesus in a helpful way,” said Roache.

“We came in to see how we can help the people in this community and we all know, there are a whole lot of people who are in need.

“Additionally, we thought it would be a good thing just to sponsor a free breakfast as well, to let the community know they can come out and receive a hot meal,” he added. 

Roache noted that partaking in giving has always been an attribute that drives community residents to live in unity and NHWC members were happy to be doing just that. 

He applauded other churches and organizations that continue to give and donate to persons in need; however, Roache shared that New Horizon Worship Centre wants to join in the partnership of giving. 

“There are other churches that are extending themselves and giving, as well as civic organizations which are doing that. We just want to partner and come alongside others to say we can do our part too.

“Instead of complaining about the darkness, we just want to light a candle, scratch a match and be a blessing to these people. 

“I think the body of Christ has to partner together in order to do things in the community. We have been teaching and preaching and that is good because we need the word, but we also need to touch people in a useful way with the love of Jesus, and that is what we are attempting to do.”

Coordinator of NHWC Women’s Ministry and wife of Senior Pastor Glenys Roache, noted that the quality of gratitude is in the depths of God’s word. 

“There is a scripture that says, ‘I was hungry when you fed me, I was naked when you clothed me, I was in prison and you visited me.’ So, that’s basically the base of the foundation of what we are doing. 

“We feel as though we have been called by God to go out to make disciples, because that is the mandate of our church and whatever we can do in the community to meet needs, we will do our endeavor best,” she explained. 

“We adopted this Arden Forest area, so sometime last week we came out and we did a walk-about informing the residents that the morning of April 13, we will be giving out breakfast.

“The church is not just about the four walls,” she expressed “it is about going out into the community and so, this was birthed through the Women’s Ministry for us to do an outreach. 

“This is an outreach where we felt like we needed to get into the community. We have prepared 150 meals and between 50 to 60 packaged grocery bags. But last week during the walk in the community, we gave out grocery bags as well.” 

She continued, “Some persons were speaking about their need and I don’t want to be specific, but they just told us about some areas they need help in and beyond the grocery, some need actual help with different things in the home. But as a church, we have made a commitment to help some persons as much as we can.

“In Freeport, Grand Bahama there are so many needs … many persons are hurting, but you can’t just tell someone you will pray for them or pray with them, you need to be able to touch them in a tangible way.

“We are reaching out to persons who may have extra beds or furniture they may not need, please contact us at the church, because the need is there.” 

Church Administrator, Pastor Emma Forbes added, “We recently moved here in this sub-division and we wanted to, first introduce ourselves to this wider community. But because we are a church of oasis, love, hope and transformation, we wanted to bring the oasis here on the park.

“We have had persons come in as a result of us extending love through breakfast and those grocery packages, where they were able to embrace the love of Christ and also those that seem to be hopeless … we would be able to extend the hope that we have of Jesus Christ and as a result of that, their life can be transformed.

“The importance of giving alms is that first you feed the physical man and it’s an open door to feed the spiritual man.

“The Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive, so I believe that we can convince person’s to open up their hearts and themselves to give by just little small acts of kindness.

“It’s the little things that causes persons heart and mind to be transformed into givers and not just receivers,” said Forbes.

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