Finally Caught

LEAD IN – Michael Neymour Jr., (left) was lead into the Freeport Magistrate Court on Monday, August 12 where he was formally charged with Abstracting Electricity and Causing Damage. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Dressed in blue and white striped polo shirt, black pants and handcuffed Michael Neymour Jr., 42, was escorted into the Garnet Levarity Justice Centre on Monday (August 12) morning to face Abstracting Electricity charges in Freeport’s Magistrate Court.

Appearing in court #3 before Magistrate Rengin Johnson around 12:45 p.m., Neymour Jr., was arraigned on three counts of abstracting electricity and three counts of damage.

As the arraignment commenced Neymour’s legal representation, Attorney Carlson Shurland spoke on his behalf.

Shurland told Johnson that the day before he went to visit his client at the police station, where he found that his client was dealing with various health issues caused by high blood sugar.

According to Shurland, his client, who was in New Providence at the time was transferred to Grand Bahama, where officers rushed him to the Rand Memorial Hospital (RMH) for medical treatment.

Amid his statements, persons in the courtroom were asked to leave the room.

During that time, Neymour was reportedly arraigned for the charges to which he pleaded not guilty.

He pleaded not guilty on all counts and was remanded to the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services (BDCS) until trial on the November 11, 2019.

Earlier this year a man believed to be the accused’s father, Michael Eugene Neymour, 62, and Bernard Clarke, 43, were charged with abstracting electricity on March 29, 2019 in the Freeport Magistrate Court.

They were arraigned before Deputy Chief Magistrate Debbye Ferguson.

It was alleged that the senior Neymour concerned with others or on their own, did fraudulently use electricity in the amount of $113,760.81 belonging to the Grand Bahama Power Company, a licensed company of Grand Bahama.

It was also alleged that between December of 2016 and March of 2019 at Freeport, he concerned with others, did fraudulently use electricity in the amount of $208,003.44 belonging to the Grand Bahama Power Company, a licensed company of Grand Bahama.

He was also charged with Causing Damage between December 2016 and March 2019 at Freeport, he concerned with others, did intentionally and unlawfully cause material damage to the conductors and electrical wires, the property of the Grand Bahama Power Company located at the Island Seas Resort in the amount of $8,123.00.

Neymour pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Days before on March 25, 2019, he and his attorney K. Brian Hanna held a press conference, where the electrician professed his innocence.

He maintained that his name has been tarnished in the public domain of late, with respect to alleged electricity tampering at a number of local business establishments.

Allegations of alleged “meter tampering” by a local business from the lone electricity supplier on the island, surfaced via social media on March 13 and made rounds via WhatsApp and other sites.

Then on March 15, the Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) released a statement in connection with the allegations, which said that the company, “During the course of recent meter audits earlier this week the Grand Bahama Power Company uncovered a series of suspected electricity diversions (theft) instances at a number of businesses in the Freeport area.

It was later discovered that fast food restaurants – KFC, Burger King and Pollo Tropical, owned by the Cooper family – were involved in the allegations and had their electricity supply disconnected by GBPC.

A further release from the GBPC, revealed that the energy saving devices the companies bought were fake. The statement was accompanied by photographs.

As a result, the older Neymour was taken into custody and questioned by police, as Michael Neymour was the name that was given by local business owners as the supplier of the system.

He answered, “No, my license does not cover no type of energy saving devices. It is strictly electrical work; if I am called to do a job by you or anyone else, I just come in to do that job.”

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