Ferguson appointed Bahamas’ CSA representative

David Ferguson, a 21-year-old Grand Bahamian was recently appointed the Bahamas’ representative to the Regional Working Group of the Commonwealth Student Association (CSA).

Speaking with this daily about his newest appointment, prior to returning to pursue his degree in Biochemistry at Taylor University, Ferguson explained a bit about the CSA and what his new appointment would entail.

“The Commonwealth Student Association (CSA) is an organization that represents student bodies and basically amplifies student voices and raises awareness for different issues. A lot of those issues that are being addressed are within the field of education. Whether it be the lack of skills training for young people or the need for more funding, for them to get the skills that they need.

“It may also be to address the lack of national student organization bodies, which can champion for the issues students are faced with, whether it be in the secondary or tertiary learning institutions,” furthered Ferguson.

“The CSA basically provides feedback to the organizations that are in authority and can almost play a role in the liaison with Government officials and also within student bodies.”

Ferguson was questioned how he found out about the association and what compelled him to apply for the position. “I found out about CSA through social media and also through doing my own research.

“One of the things that interested me in applying was that I want to make sure that I am developing in all fields. I want to make sure that I am developing not only academically, but also developing socially and spiritually. I want to ensure that I am balanced, engaging in academic organizations, whether it be university or the American Chemicals Society (ACS), or anything of that sort.”

He shared that he is also eager to be fully engaged socially, through various organizations such as Interact Clubs, Rotaract Clubs or CSA, which he noted is an international association. “It is stationed in the United Kingdom and is associated with the Commonwealth of Nations.”

Ferguson added, “The next step from there would be to pursue a degree in Medical Technology, which will enable me to work in a hospital laboratory, and then from Medical Technology, medical school.”

At just 21, with a passion and desire for going the extra mile in his pursuit of knowledge, Ferguson was questioned what he would say to other young persons to reach their educational goals, “I would encourage them to use their creativity and the gifts that God has given them, to overcome the challenges and obstacles that they may be facing. Yes, we all have challenges, and everyone has their own set of issues that they are dealing with; but by the grace of God and through the assistance of people and determination and dedication, you can overcome those obstacles or at least, get on the path to overcoming them.”

Ferguson, who also represented Grand Bahama last year in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture’s Youth in Parliament noted that the ministry, among other organizations has assisted him greatly in the strides that he has made thus far in his young life.

“I would say that there is a lot of good in Grand Bahama, even though we have some areas that we can improve on … it is just a matter of connecting with the right people. I would also encourage young persons to get involved; if you need more opportunities, come and seek help from the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture and the Ministry of Education. There are avenues available, if you want to develop yourself, it is just a matter of you pursuing them.

“It has been a blessing, through the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, by the grace of God, my parents and a lot of people that have really helped me to get where I am today and encouraged me to pursue my goals.”

Speaking to Ferguson’s latest accomplishment, Carla Brown-Roker, Youth Coordinator, Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture expressed, “The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture offers sincerest congratulations to David Ferguson on his appointment as The Bahamas’ representative to the Commonwealth Student Association.

“We are confident of his ability to serve. David is articulate and intelligent. He has been recognized as an outstanding youth and recently participated in the 2017 Youth in Parliament. Our Ministry looks forward to hearing of his accomplishments in his new role with the Commonwealth Student Association. He is among Grand Bahama’s brightest and best youth.”

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