Female cooks fire back at McAlpine

Michelle Reckley – Deputy Director Urban Renewal 2.0

Two female cooks employed at a popular restaurant and bar in the Freeport area are firing back at remarks made by the Free National Movement’s (FNM) Pineridge candidate, Fredrick McAlpine, during the party’s mass rally on Friday at A Social Affair Convention Center, East Sunrise Highway.  

According to the women, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, McAlpine’s public blasting of the Deputy Director of Urban Renewal, Michelle Reckley’s profession as a cook, was “offensive, insulting and degrading” to all cooks and hard working Bahamian women.  

Speaking to this daily on Sunday, April 23 the ladies said, “We do not wish to link our workplace to politics. So we want to keep our names and employers out of it.  We listened to the candidate running for Pineridge for the FNM, Fredrick McAlpine, on Friday night and as cooks, felt offended, insulted and degraded.  

“While it may be fair game for Mr. McAlpine to question Mrs. Michelle Reckley’s professional climb or power, he suggested that a cook would not be smart enough or qualified to do competent work in a government agency,” the women said. “We are supporters of the FNM, but know of the work Mrs. Reckley has done to help people of all political persuasions.  

“It is difficult for us to now support a man who or a party that thinks so lowly of cooks.  We represent a decent world-class profession. Training, talent, discipline and dedication go into what we do, like many other working class fields.  We want Mr. McAlpine and the FNM to know that housewives, maids, cooks and the likes contribute to the building of our island and country,” the women agreed.

“We are proud hardworking Bahamian women and are shocked that a man and a party seeking to represent all Bahamians would belittle what we do to earn an honest living. He and the leadership of the FNM should review his speech and offer an apology to cooks and hardworking Bahamian women.  We want to hear about the issues and what candidates will do, not disgraceful bashing.”

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