Falcons sweep GBSSAA Track and Field Championships

Holland Martin delivers the third exchange to Desmond Butler

Monday evening was the climax of the Grand Bahama Secondary School Athletic Association Norris Bain/Marvin Rolle High School Track and Field Championships. 


The meet culminated with the 4x100 meters and 4x400m relays at the Grand Bahama Sports Complex.


The Tabernacle Falcons were on pace to sweep the entire meet in all age divisions after Saturday’s slate of competition. All they would need to complete the sweep were firm performances in the relays.


Eleven first place finishes out of the 16 relay races contested was enough to secure the Falcons the championship in the Under 14, 16, 18 and 20 Divisions. 


The Falcons finished with total of 280 points in the Under 14 Division. The Sister Mary Patricia Russell Panthers finished second with 269.5 points; the Jack Hayward Junior Stars finished third with 168 points; the Bishop Michael Eldon Warriors finished fourth with a total of 148.5 points; the Eight Mile Rock Blue Jays finished fifth in the standings with 63 points; the Sunland Stingers finished sixth with 48 points, followed by the Mary Star Crusaders in seventh with five points and Pine Forest Academy in eighth with four points.


The Falcons put up 313.5 points in the Under 16 Division to finish ahead of the Panthers, who totaled 200 points to take second place and the Stars, who finished in third with 182 points. 


The Warriors finished fourth with a total of 162 points, followed by the Sunland Stingers in fifth with 117.5 points. The Blue Jays took sixth with 93 points; the St. Georges’ Jaguars finished seventh with 85 points; Grand Bahama Academy took eighth with just 16 points, the Crusaders ended the meet in ninth place with nine points and Pine Forest finished in 10th with six points.


The Falcons also put up 313.5 points to land the Under 18 Division championship. The Jaguars trailed in second with a total 273.5 points, followed by the Warriors in third with 199.5 points. The Jack Hayward Wildcats took fourth place with 162.5 points and the Eight Mile Rock Blue Jays rounded out the top five with 119 points. Sixth place went to the Stingers with 87 points, with St. Paul’s scoring 40 points for seventh; the Crusaders finished eighth with 21 points and Pine Forest Academy took ninth with 19 points.


The Falcons owned the Under 20 Division with 417 points, while the Wildcats edged the Warriors for second place with 266 points. The Warriors finished third with 264 points; the Jaguars took fourth place with 194 points and rounding out the top five were the Stingers with 64 points. 


The Blue Jays took sixth place with 41 points, while Pine Forest finished in seventh with 12 points. The Panthers took eighth place with eight points and the Crusaders finished ninth with six points.


The 4x100m kicked things off Monday and the Falcons got off to hot start in the Girls’ Under 14 championship. They exchanged the baton around to clock 51.92 seconds and land the gold. The Panthers secured the silver in 53.82 seconds, with the Stars left to take the bronze, crossing the line in 55.31 seconds.


The Falcons 4x100m Under 14 boys’ team made their way around the track for the gold in 47.60 seconds. The Panthers took away the silver with a time of 51.41 seconds and the Warriors trailed to carry away the bronze in 53.44 seconds.


The Under 16 girls for the Falcons ran away with the gold once again and clocked 49.89 seconds in the process. The Warriors took home the silver with a time of 52.11 seconds, with the Stingers eventually securing the bronze in 53.70 seconds.


The Falcons also ran away with the Under 16 boys’ 4x100m gold. The Panthers trailed in second to take the silver and clocked 46.63 seconds. The Warriors finished closely behind to settle for the bronze with a time of 46.98 seconds.


The Warriors came away as the Under 18 girls’ 4x100m champions. They clocked a time of 51.30 seconds to edge the Falcons, who took silver in 52.06 seconds. The Jaguars trailed in third and took home the bronze in 53.75 seconds.


It was all Falcons in the boys’ Under 18 4x100m championships. The quartet clocked 42.17 seconds, ahead of the Wildcats’ 45.31 seconds to take silver and the Warriors’ 45.33 seconds to land the bronze.


The Warriors landed their second gold in the 4x100m. It was the Under 20 girls that clocked 49.50 seconds to best the Falcons. They took the silver in 50.31 seconds. The Wildcats walked away with the bronze with a time of 53.15 seconds.


The Falcons reeled in the final gold of the 4x100m in the Under 20 boys’ championship. Their time of 41.10 second bested the Wildcats, who finished with the silver in 43.95 seconds and the Warriors, who took bronze in 44.35 seconds.


Next were the 4x400m finals. The Panthers became the Under 14 girls’ champions in the event with a time of 4:27.70. The Falcons carried away the silver in 4:28.85 seconds. The Warriors were the eventual bronze medal winners and clocked 4:44.76. 


The Falcons ran off with the gold in the Under 14 boys’ finale and clocked a time of 4:07.19. The Panthers were the silver medal winners in 4:18.00. That left the Warriors to settle for the bronze in 4:20.53.


The Falcons Under 16 girls hauled away the gold to become the 2017 4x400m champions. They outran the competition in the time of 4:13.84. The Warriors ran away with the silver in 4:21.11 and the Stingers took home the bronze with a time of 4:37.13.  The Under 16 boys’ championship went to the Falcons in the time of 3:40.08. The Blue Jays landed the silver in 3:50.52 and the Stars won the bronze in 3:51.17.


The Warriors had the quickest quartet in the Under 18 girls’ championship. They outlasted the rest of the field to clock 4:16.74. The Jaguars eventually took the silver medal to clock 4:18.66. The Falcons settled for the bronze and crossed the finish line in 4:22.07. 


The Falcons took home the Under 18 boys championship in the time of 3:23.75. The Jaguars came away wit the silver medal with a time of 3:27.73 and the Warriors took bronze in 3:29.83. 


The Warriors bested the field in the girls’ Under 20 championship with a time of 3:56.25. The Falcons came away with the silver in the time of 4:15.30 while the Wildcats finished third for the bronze in 4:37.13. 


The Falcons were declared champions in the boys’ Under 20 finale in the time of 3:25.64. The Stingers were the silver medal winners in 3:32.58 and the Jaguars took away the bronze in 3:36.09.


Published  Wednesday, February 22, 2017 


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