Falcons Boys’ Club mission continues after 23 years

GIVING BACK – Hundreds of young men on the island were recipients of new clothes and shoes among other items that were generously donated by a number of individuals and organizations, both locally and abroad. The giveaway took place during the Falcons Boys’ Club 23rd Anniversary celebration held on the Community Centre grounds recently. (PHOTOS: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Positively impacting the lives of young men on the island of Grand Bahama over two-plus decades, the Falcons Boys’ Club celebrated its 23rd year of existence recently, with a grand event on the grounds of its home site, Champs Community Centre, West Sunrise Highway. 

Hundreds of boys enrolled in the programme left with both tangible and intangible gifts. A number of representatives from local businesses as well as some international organizations were present and imparted invaluable and positive information, encouraging the young men to set high standards, work hard and continue to aspire towards greatness. 

Founder of the Falcons Boys’ Club, Pastor Darrin Rolle, expressed his gratitude to those that took the time out to speak with his boys, ensuring that the event was indeed a success.

“We want to say a special thank you to the entire Grand Bahama community, as they came on board to help us celebrate our 23rd anniversary,” Rolle said, following the event. 

“As you can see we had a wonderful time today, wonderful speakers who were able to challenge the young men. We had the executives from Royal Caribbean International (RCI) here in Freeport that came by to support the Falcons Boys’ Club, as one of our new strategic partners. We want to say thank you to the deputy prime minister (K. Peter Turnquest), who showed up unannounced and we thank him for that.

“I would also like to thank President of the Grand Bahama Port Authority, Ian Rolle; Aliv and their executives for talking with our young men, and also Jimmy Smith, who did a wonderful job in reminding the young men of where he came from and the life that he once lived. EJ Strachan, who continues to do work in his community in the ‘Back-of-Town’ was also here. We are working together, and I am encouraging him to continue all of the work that he is doing in his community,” Rolle noted. 

“We were also blessed to have the incoming pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries (BFM) here on Grand Bahama stop by and talk with our boys. And so, today was a fun filled day. We would also like to thank Sawyer’s for supplying us with the food, Coca-Cola for supplying us with all of the drinks; special thanks to Atlantic Paper and the list goes on of the sponsors that came out and assisted today.” 

Additionally, Rolle expressed his gratitude to the Rotary Clubs on island, their partners Champs Missions, Candid Security, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, the Royal Bahamas Police Force, parents of those in attendance as well as the media for their continued support of his programme. 

“The kids were able to leave here today with basketballs, a gift, water, hamburgers and hot dogs; a list of things.  All of the shoes that we gave away today were thanks to Samaritan’s Feet. Thank you to Pastor Eddie Victor for his assistance with that. 

“I would also like to thank Bahamas Paradise Cruise, the owners of the Bahamas Celebration, who assisted us in ensuring that all of the gifts were able to get over from Florida. Also, thank you to Bahamas Relief Cruise which is a private organization in West Palm Beach that assisted us in finding all of the gifts that we were able to give away today. Thank you to all that have and continue to assist us,” expressed Rolle.

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