Education contract signing significant boost for GB Tech Hub Initiative

The Ministry of Education held a contract signing on Sunday, January 6, 2019 with Cable Bahamas Ltd. and Sam’s Business Machines at the Ministry’s offices to facilitate a fibre optic technology upgrade throughout public schools in Grand Bahama and Eleuthera. The contract with Sam’s Business Machines agrees provision of tablets, projectors and laptops for teachers and students at the pre-primary and lower primary levels.

The signing is a step in the right direction for the Ministry of Grand Bahama, which through the Minister of State for Grand Bahama Sen. Kwasi Thompson introduced the GB Tech Summit and is working toward making the island the Tech Hub of the region.

Following is Sen. Thompson’s statement, in its entirety, in support of the contract signing.

“The Ministry of Education under the leadership of Minister Jeff Lloyd should be commended for fulfilling a key promise in proceeding with the second installment of the Ministry’s technology upgrade. This Sunday the Ministry signed the contract with Cable Bahamas and Sam’s Business Machine.

The contract signing with Cable Bahamas Ltd. will allow some:

Forty-three schools and 14 District Offices in Grand Bahama and Eleuthera to be outfitted with the foundational fibre optic capability, for the eventual full digitization of the Bahamas educational system.

The contract signing will facilitate the delivery of over 12,000 tablets for pre-primary and lower primary students – critical tools in modern education.

Further, there will also be provision of 578 projectors and 578 laptops for teachers to enhance their teaching capabilities.

The tablets and laptops will be immediately uploaded with relevant coursework so that teachers and students can begin the advanced learning and teaching experience these modern tools will allow.

Ministry of Education confirms that at the conclusion of this process on Grand Bahama and Eleuthera:

• All schools will be a fully computerized “smart schools”

• Enhanced internet access to all sites

• All students, deprived of specialist teachers in math, science and other subjects, to benefit from distant learning modalities (lectures and tutorials) in real time.

• Students will have access to the world’s libraries, materials and methodologies

• The System will be protected by Unified Threat Management (UTM) Security Solution

• Mobility Solutions for tablets, cell phones and laptops for students, teachers and administrators.

The Ministry of Education is committed to creating a digitally connected learning and teaching experience in classrooms, libraries and homes across The Bahamas that will provide for both teachers and students easier, faster, and more affordable access to information, learning resources, experts, peers, and a wider community of educators.

This is a critical part of the government’s overall process of preparing the next generation for Grand Bahama’s Tech Hub. In November the government signed a MOU with tech giant CISCO to enhance digital learning, during the summer created a new tech programme at BTVI for high school students and made all Tech and other courses free of charge. The government is fulfilling its mandate to provide training opportunities in Technology for our next generation.”

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