Violence in GB of great concern

A disgusting and disturbing video of a physical altercation between several males at a night-time venue in Freeport, went viral last week. It was if the persons were animals. It was like a brutal scene from an action movie.

The incident sent a terrible message to the world about what could happen here in Grand Bahama.

Since the arrival of ACP Samuel Butler as GB Officer in Charge, the criminal activities and social disorders have been at a minimum. The visibility of police officers has been much greater than in the past and an appreciable level of civility resulted in Grand Bahama.

It is thus imperative for Butler to ensure the people of Grand Bahama that situations like that which unfolded at the club on East Sunrise will be nipped early, and all other perpetrators who are so inclined, would be discouraged. It has been widely rumored that involved in the incident were law enforcement officers.

In the interest of maintaining the high credibility he has indeed earned, since coming to this island, ACP Butler ought to speak to this matter. It is understood that there must be the required investigation. However, the matter should not be swept under the rug. Because of the rumor, Butler is, in our view, duty bound to set the record straight.

Let the chips fall where they may.

The public should be informed of the full truth. If indeed, police officers were party to the disgraceful development, they should be outed and the word put out for all and sundry to digest, that on his watch, Butler will not tolerate such behavior on the part of the men/women who work under him.

If the investigation determines that there were no police officers among the brawling group, this ought to officially be made known as well.

As the main element of the Fourth Estate in Grand Bahama, The Freeport News suggests that Butler deal appropriately with the matter. We spoke to a noted judge and he expressed dismay.

“That’s not the sort of thing we want to be identified with. It was kind of frightening and we certainly don’t want a trend of such incidents to develop. We must come to grips with what went on. That’s a priority,” he said.

His sentiments are shared widely in Grand Bahama.

The situation also begs for a greater presence of police officers at certain lounges and clubs. This particular venue has long had the reputation for disturbances. Certainly, on duty officers at night, should now put a high focus on the club in question and others that cater to crowds and where a lot of drinking goes on.

The challenge thus goes out to ACP Butler to step up the patrols in Freeport proper and beyond.
Heighten that obligation of priority, keeping the peace!

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