Old Bahama Bay gives computers to WE Primary

They were pleasantly astonished, surprised, but relished the moment and eagerly started working the keyboards of the computers provided by Old Bahama Bay (OBB) President John MacDonald, his wife Charlene, and James Culmer, who manages the resort.

The occasion was Thursday past, as the gifts were presented to the young students of the West End Primary School.

Twenty complete computer systems are now on the WE Primary property list. The gesture spoke volumes for the prime investment element of West Grand Bahama, Old Bahama Bay, and the students are now better fortified for easy learning and educational growth.

OBB Chief MacDonald said it best.

“Overall, I believe that the financial contribution was really minimal, considering what the outcome is going to be for the future of our children. I think that an investment in our children is an investment in ourselves and our future and the community. I think that it would be selfish not to invest in them,” he said.

With the gesture, OBB extended an incredible outreach which empowers citizens of West Grand Bahama in opportunities for personal development, and economically. OBB has a long-standing presence as the primary employer in the West, and as such, has for years been the subsistence mainstay.

It is safe to say that without OBB, the extreme West Grand Bahama would be just about dead. OBB is actually responsible for the salaries and private revenue situations for over 100 substantive employees and associated vendors and commercial partners. Other than staffers employed directly with the resort, a straw market/souvenir sector; private food providers; and a bonefishing business benefits through the association with OBB.

The presentation of the computer systems to WE Primary, as aforementioned, simply demonstrated how OBB touches West Grand Bahama, significantly, throughout.

It figures that a community is grateful.

WE Primary Principal Navida Mills expressed appreciation to OBB.

“We are most grateful to Old Bahama Bay. They have been partnering with us for a number of years. Our teachers are very excited for a first-hand experience with the computers and about what they can do with their students,” she said.

Thursday was indeed a good day for West Grand Bahama.

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