No Govt. timetable for reopening of Grand Lucayan

The Government of The Bahamas does not have a timetable for the reopening of the Grand Lucayan properties that have been closed since October of 2016 due to severe damage from Hurricane Matthew.

Having purchased the resort from Hutchison Whampoa, and with a continuance at defending the decision despite the heavy financial burden on taxpayers, still, not even a tentative phase schedule has been released by the government.

When will renovating begin?

At which point will the properties be re-stocked and the old furniture replaced?

What efforts have been made to connect with an airline(s) to transport guests to the properties?

When will the back payments to staffers who are so entitled, be made?

When will a new management team/operator be confirmed by the government, through the newly-established Lucayan Renewal Holdings Company?

Will the managers left in place by Hutchison, be retained in their present positions?
What is the realistic time frame for the reopening of the Grand Lucayan?

The government has no answers for those questions, it seems. If it does, we and certainly the people of Grand Bahama would welcome the information.

We have been informed that the government is in no man’s land. A clear course has just not been determined. Government representatives, Hotel Corporation Chairman Michael Scott and Renewal Holdings directors would freely talk about prospective buyers that are being considered.

However, what Grand Bahamians want to know, directly, is the time they can look forward to, for the reopening of the hotel, with hundreds of new employees being placed into the workforce.

It is reasonable to push the government for meaningful time lines.

The people of Grand Bahama deserve as much.

Well, it looks like this will be another year-ending disappointment. There was the expectation for the reopening to take place in the fall of last year, so that the Christmas Season could have been more enjoyable for more Grand Bahamians because of new jobs made available at Grand Lucayan.

It’s already October this time around, and as the situation stands, there is not even a small window of opportunity for the reopening to take place, either by our government or a buyer to be named, in time to catch the 2018 Christmas season.

Sadly, the Government of The Bahamas has no timetable for the Grand Lucayan reopening.

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