Monsignor Moss, 79, laid to rest

On Thursday, one of the country’s finest, ever, sons of the soil, was laid to rest in St. Anselm’s Cemetery, Bernard Road in New Providence. He died on Monday, March 11.

 Monsignor Preston Moss, 79, an exemplary figure within the Catholic Diocese, was buried in the precinct of the church (St. Anselm’s), he pastored for many years until he retired in 2016.

If ever someone was cut out for a particular role, Preston Moss, the former Anglican who became devout Catholic, fit the bill. He had the priestly bearing and was synonymous with reaching out to help, to counsel and to assist all in need.

 His mission was conclusive and he had no boundaries. Although he was cemented in the Catholic Diocese, many from other religious backgrounds felt comfortable with confiding in Monsignor Moss and he accommodated all who came. He was awesome in fitting those who required moments with him, into his daily schedule.

Monsignor Moss would find time for you!

Through it all, Monsignor Moss exuded humility.

There was the time, decades ago, when he was the best choice to be Bishop of the Catholic Church in The Bahamas. The health challenges that he dealt with during much of his adult life, were already upon him and factored largely in his decision not to accept the high position. Catholics throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean Region were surprised and disappointed that he did not opt for that historic development, being the first Bahamian Bishop of the Catholic Church.

He allowed the opportunity to pass, it was understood, because he did not believe he was physically able to maintain the pace a bishop would be obligated to cope with.

How he humbly accepted the circumstances surrounding that issue, was further testimony to his saintliness. He was a righteousness man; a pure Messenger of The Lord; full of goodness; a morality giant; and an overall excellent human being.

The Catholic Church won big, when he came over to that religious side. The Bahamian Catholic system and the wider associated communities in the region benefited greatly by the presence of one Preston A. Moss.

It was indeed a blessing to the world that he passed this way. His life work, done primarily from his Bahamian base, made everything connected to him, better.

Many whose lives he touched, were able to pay tribute to him through their presence at several functions related to his passing.

A vigil was held at St. Anselm’s on Wednesday, his funeral service took place at the Catholic Cathedral St. Francis Xavier’s Church on Thursday and as aforementioned, he was buried at St. Anselm’s.

May his soul forever rest in peace 

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