Govt. faces hard questions about Oban Energies

Initially, town meetings were scheduled in McLeans Town and High Rock for the benefit of East Grand Bahama residents and any others who might have wished to be in attendance, to voice concerns or gather information on important island matters.

We were told also that a town meeting was scheduled in Freeport today, to give Member of Parliament for the East Grand Bahama Constituency, K. Peter Turnquest, the opportunity, in particular, to address questions regarding the hot national issue, Oban Energies. Then, Friday afternoon, we got the word that Turnquest had to stay in New Providence for something, thought to be more important and the meetings were called off.

We can only hope that the public will indeed be, in the very near future, afforded a platform, with Turnquest fielding the questions about Oban Energies and other island issues of high interest.

Turnquest and his government colleagues, inclusive of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, have seemed thus far, sort of secretive about certain aspects of what has been agreed to with Oban Energies on behalf of the Bahamian people. We expect Turnquest, who is also the country’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, to be bombarded with questions, whenever he stands before Grand Bahama residents.

There are some loose ends with this proposed deal.

There are questions.

Even those, who are elated at the prospect of a high level project that will fuel the island’s economy, taking root in East End, want to be assured that there will be no health issues.

It is definitely best that sooner than later, the government addresses all concerns. The signing of the Heads Of Agreement document with Oban Energies for the proposed oil refinery and storage facility has gotten the government into hot water.

This was done without the benefit of Prime Minister Dr. Minnis, Turnquest and others of the government being able to view the all-important Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Demonstrating the courage to face residents, who want to know everything about Oban Energies that could affect Grand Bahama, would be appreciated for sure. The government should have been ready with full explanations before now. It is thus a hot seat the government is in at the moment.

The government’s handling of the Oban Energies issues has made many Bahamians skeptical. Coming right on the heels of the debacle created by Speaker Halson Moultrie in the House of Assembly, the Dr. Hubert Minnis Government has not been looking good lately.

Perhaps, Turnquest, or even better, the prime minister, will soon be able to clear the air somewhat for residents of Grand Bahama.

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