Criminal act strikes very close to home

The recent senseless slaying of Inspector Carlis Blatch, Aide-de-Camp to Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling has struck close to home. The professional attachment and fondness for Inspector Blatch was evident in the communication from Her Excellency that came out in the aftermath of his death.

Inspector Blatch was struck down by a gunman in New Providence while waiting outside of a school, (H.O. Nash Junior High), for his son. A daughter was in the car with him. Fortunately, the assailant’s focus was on the father and the daughter got out of harm’s way. The situation causes one to ponder just the slightest change in the circumstances and realize there could have been a double tragedy.

The Police have launched an all-out search. Christian leaders are crying out. Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said the shooter must be brought to justice “even if he goes to the bounds (boundaries) of hell.”

Such was the national rancor upon hearing of the killing. Hopefully the intensity in the land to pursue the criminal minded would not abate after a time of mourning, in this instance.

Inspector Blatch’s passing has caused national attention to center on the killing that goes on in our land, in particular the capital island of New Providence. Just as with the Blatch family and friends, professional and otherwise, the emotional scenario is repeated often as others are slaughtered in drive-by shootings, robberies, home invasions, club incidents, rage situations, etc.

The PM has emphasized what others felt and are still feeling.

“What is even more hateful and distressing is that he (Blatch) was murdered in the presence of his 13-year-old child (a daughter). What that shows, is that the murderer has no respect for life. He has no respect for this society. I have spoken to the commissioner of police this morning and I told him, he must allow no obstacle (in) pursuit of this killer and whatever is necessary, he must use his force; the assistance of the defense force and whatever is available to track him (the killer).

“We must not allow him (the killer) to continue in this society as is, because obviously he has no respect for life. He has no respect for society when he can do something like that in front of a child,” said the chief executive, a bit redundant, but emphatic nevertheless.

Well, as the prime minister of all of us, he should be as passionate whenever all such incidents that devastate families and change the courses of their lives, happen.

Yes indeed, this one struck very close to home, particularly in the case of those who lead the nation.

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