Dre’s Uniform Drive dresses 20-plus students for classroom

As students returned to the classroom on Monday, September 4 the burden of finding uniforms was made easy through Dre’s Uniform Drive, which assisted 20-plus students from Walter Parker Primary, Freeport Primary, Hugh Campbell Primary and Maurice Moore Primary with uniforms.

Dre’s Uniform Drive was able to assist over 20 students with school uniforms, when the new school year began September 4.

Coordinator of the drive, Deidre Lundy-Rose, spoke about the initiative’s accomplishments during an interview with The Freeport News the first day of school – Monday, September 4.

Lundy-Rose said that they received a little over 120 gently used uniforms. “And we were able to provide 25 children with $100 Gift Certificates for Pat’s Uniforms.”

Even though they did not meet their target, which was to assist 100 students, they are pleased to have been a blessing to the 25-plus children.

“We donated to families in the community and also to four schools, namely – Walter Parker Primary, Freeport Primary, Hugh Campbell Primary and Maurice Moore Primary,” she said.

She added that the principals were happy to receive the donations. “They all expressed that they had received several phone calls from distressed parents seeking assistance in acquiring uniforms and that the uniform donations came at a good time.”

Edna Gomez incoming principal of Walter Parker Primary School, where Rose’s son Chardre attends, stated that such initiatives are important for the community.

“This is the kind of thing that we want to encourage among our children, to give back,” she said.

She added that since the donation came from one of their own students, it makes the gesture even more special.
Lundy-Rose informed this daily that they will make this an annual event. However, next year they would begin the drive before school closes, and their goal is to donate to all of the government primary schools on Grand Bahama.

“We would like to thank Bahamas Faith Ministries, GB Tiles, AML Food, Pat’s Uniform, family and friends and everyone that donated uniforms, time and money. The drive would not have been as successful without the help of the members in our community,” she said.

Lundy-Rose and her sons realized, during this drive, that there are so many persons on Grand Bahama that are in need of assistance.

“We really wanted to help more children, but we were glad that we were a blessing to some. Chardré my nine-year-old son, who initiated the drive said that he was happy to have helped students get ready for school,” she said.
The Drive ended on Saturday, August 26. “For more information about the initiative, persons may contact us at 533-9113, deidrelundy@hotmail.com.”

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