Dr. Minnis’ political stature elevated

Several months ago, when a Free National Movement candidate dropped out of the race, immediately fingers were pointed directly at party leader Dr. Hubert Minnis. It was said that the departing candidates left because of being uncomfortable regarding the leadership of Dr. Minnis and the direction the party was going in.


Of course, leading up to the Gang of Seven’s successful move last December to oust him from the Official Opposition Leadership in the House of Assembly, Dr. Minnis was under siege from all angles, particularly from inside the FNM. Interestingly enough though, the decision by the Gang of Seven, led by Loretta Butler-Turner, turned out to be a boost for Dr. Minnis.


While Butler-Tuner unraveled politically and other opposition forces failed to gain ground on the incumbent governing organization the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), Dr. Minnis quietly, but steadily grew in political prominence. So, when Kenyatta Gibson announced last Friday that he had opted out of the campaign for business reasons, the Dr. Minnis’ march did not miss a beat.


Gibson did something notable. He was quick to publicly disassociate Dr. Minnis from his decision.


“This had nothing to do with Dr. Minnis, nothing at all.  I really like him and we get along. This was purely a business decision,” Gibson reportedly said. We expect that Dr. Minnis will attract someone else of substance to replace Gibson and the race to the tape will be on with the PLP.


Dr. Minnis has been connecting more with the general public. He has been determined in consistently targeting the government. In particular, he has been on point with his skeptical comments regarding the proposed soft opening of the mega project Baha Mar, located on the famed West Bay Strip in New Providence.


More and more, it is appearing that Dr. Minnis has called it right regarding the dilemma faced by Prime Minister Perry Christie, pertaining to Baha Mar. Christie’s political future, we believe, hinges on what takes place withBaha Mar.


Dr. Minnis is on a roll like never before in his tenure as Leader of the FNM. We seriously doubt Gibson’s decision to drop out of the general election race, causes Dr. Minnis to miss a step. He has expressed satisfaction to Gibson for his contribution to the party and moved on.


Quite frankly, these days, Dr. Minnis is acting more leader-like than those who have attacked him most, Butler-Turner, Branville McCartney of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) and Prime Minister Christie.


Now, even the staunchest critic would be moved to admit that Dr. Minnis has rounded out into a credible option for leader of this nation.


Published Tuesday, March 7, 2017 

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