Dr. Minnis hopes to end Pindling political era

The Sir Lynden Pindling high-level political era continues on today in the person of Perry Gladstone Christie, his successor at the leadership position in the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).


In truth, the present prime minister of the country and his long-time friend, business partner, political colleague and, also adversary at times, Hubert Ingraham, have been running a relay in this country for the past 25 years.


Ingraham (under the Free National Movement banner), kept the baton for two consecutive terms in governance beginning in 1992, passed it on to Christie for a term, got it again for a third non-consecutive tenure, then handed it back to his buddy Christie in 2012.


Thus, the man Dr. Hubert Minnis stands as the one positioned to end the Pindling political era. Both Christie and Ingraham are political protégés of Sir Lynden. In essence the political-connecting chain that began with the Father of the Nation, has continued through Ingraham and Christie for a quarter of a century.


The nation grew tired of Ingraham. The majority of the FNM family came to the point whereby they were satisfied to sever leadership ties with Ingraham. A movement was mounted in the Progressive Liberal Party against Christie. Alfred Sears challenged Christie in convention. He prevailed. If the PLP is defeated in May during the upcoming general elections, the Pindling link at leadership in this country will be broken.


It would be the end of an era.


Indeed, the Sir Lynden Pindling political era would be over.


How does Dr. Minnis factor in the equation?


Christie likes to make little of Dr. Minnis politically. The reality of the situation is that Bahamians actually know that in recent times, Dr. Minnis has been on a political high inside his party, and on the outside. The comments have been much more favorable.


PM Christie has framed the campaign battle to a one-on-one confrontation with Dr. Minnis.  There is another angle to the general elections, though. Voters will be going to the polls, in actuality, to determine whether the Sir Lynden Pindling political era will continue. A return of Perry Christie for sure will be a continuance of the Sir Lynden style of governance that was good for a time past.


Christie has not been able to think outside of the past ways of governing.


A Dr. Hubert Minnis Government would be decidedly different.


Could the nation be approaching the end of Christie’s political run and in essence, the era of politics crafted by Sir Lynden Pindling many years ago.


The future holds the answer.


Published Wednesday, March 22, 2017 


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