DPM Turnquest calls on constituents to seek guidance from “The Almighty”

K. PETER TURNQUEST, DPM, Minister of Finance

Sitting Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama and the nation’s Deputy Prime Minister K. Peter Turnquest is advocating that his constituents look to a higher source in the aftermath of Hurrricane Dorian.

On the grounds of the Government Park in High Rock, East Grand Bahama, a candlelight memorial was held this past Sunday November 10 for seven residents of that community, who were reported missing, immediately following the passage of Hurricane Dorian, over two months ago.

Turnquest was present during the memorial and he encouraged those in attendance to “seek solace and comfort in The Almighty, to give us all strength during one of the most difficult times that we have ever faced as a nation.”

He solemnly expressed his sorrow over the grave situations created by the hurricane.

“Ladies and gentlemen, families, the loss of life we have witnessed in our community is devastating and our hearts are full with grief. We are saddened, even as we hold out hope that our loved ones will be found alive through the mercy of God or, if HE suffers it to be so.

“We all hope and pray for closure even as the possibility that this peace may not be ours.  Let me assure you all here today, on behalf of the government, that we will not give up on the search for your loved ones until all possible avenues and reasonable chances of success have been exhausted.   

“To the families here today who have missing loved ones, I want to encourage you in this difficult time to continue to hold on to one another and to the hand of the Almighty Jesus Christ, Who, does all things well. Even in our disappointments and questioning, He remains faithful and sure.  Relying on such sure support, you can rise with boldness and confidence, that it is and will be well. You will come through this with clarity and peace of mind,” said DPM Turnquest.

During his remarks he also acknowledged and thanked the “countless heroes, civilians, first responders, and others,” who risked their lives to come to the aid of those in distress during the passage of the monster storm.

Tunquest also urged his audience to be mindful of Bahamians serving around the world in conflicting situations.

“Today is Remembrance Day, and as we remember the lives of those lost in Hurricane Dorian, which has brought us here today in this beautiful community of High Rock, we take a moment to remember those brave Bahamian men and women who lost their lives in conflicts around the world in the furtherance of peace and freedoms we enjoy as citizens here at home.  

“In every major armed conflict around the world, including the current conflict in the Middle East today, there are Bahamians proudly wearing the uniforms of their adopted countries and the Bahamian flag in their hearts.  We salute, honour and remember their sacrifice.  

“We also remember the lives of our fallen soldiers and civil defense officers here at home, police officers, defense force officers, customs officers, immigration officers and other uniformed agencies who sacrificed for the general good of our nation and its people.

“Today, it may well be fitting to memorialize those from this community, who have lost there lives in another kind of war. That is the relentless and often invisible war against the very real and evident effects of climate change, an enemy not of our making, but nonetheless one that we are forced to fight, sometimes alone with limited resources. 

“Just yesterday (Saturday November 9), we once again witnessed what Mother Nature can do, and the risk to our lives, and to property caused by increasing vulnerabilities exposed by these powerful storms, with the washout of the Fishing Hole Road, which was rendered impassable for approximately four hours,” he said.

DPM Turnquest also noted that such changes in our climatic landscape must, undoubtedly be documented, analyzed and, a detailed plan achieved and executed, for pre-storm resilience building of physical infrastructure, financial and social infrastructure. 

He pointed out that there ought to be considerations for adequate private sector insurance coverage and risk transfer strategies for vulnerable populations, crisis management during and after major storms, logistical responses, and he submitted that rebuilding plans, etc,  (should be) mapped out in a national program of action. 

In conclusion he expressed the following:

“I leave you today with this message that was shared with me this morning by one of the many prayer warriors who intercede on my behalf daily, which support I acknowledge and receive with joy every day because I know, we can do nothing without prayer and support from above.

“‘Child of God: When everything around you seems to be in total chaos, you must seek God’s peace and pursue it. Settle yourself by knowing that I, the Lord God am with you, and I will give you the strength and wisdom necessary to take the next step. I am your peace, your sustainer, your comforter, your shelter and place of safety and security. 

“‘But you must believe it and choose to lean on my understanding in times of brokenness, pain and trouble, says the Lord. I AM GOD!

“‘Deuteronomy 33:27 states, The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms; He will thrust out the enemy from before you, and will say, ‘Destroy!’ “‘I am so glad that Jesus loves me.’”

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