DPM pays tribute to stalwarts who led way to Independence

PETER TURNQUEST, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

Over the weekend, a call was made by a leading politician for the heroes of the past who blazed the trail towards Independence, to be treasured.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Hon. K. Peter Turnquest in an exclusive interview with this daily on Friday, said that it is important for Bahamians, across the globe, during this significant milestone in our nation’s history, to reflect and pay homage to the country’s visionaries who played an indelible role in achieving Independence, and where we are as a nation thus far.

“I am very happy to participate in this year’s Independence activities. We know that we have come through some difficult periods in this country. We think back on those who would have sacrificed so much for the advancement of the country, to where it is today, and, we reflect on the shared sacrifices that we are being asked to make this year, so that we set the foundation again, for the future growth and prosperity of our nation.

“We certainly give thanks and honour to our God, for bringing us this far. We look forward to the continued cooperation and support of the Bahamian people, as we move into this new phase of development. The spirit of the Bahamian people, our culture and our traditions and values, as reflected in our flag and our nation’s symbols, certainly gives us the inspiration to go forward and to work hard and to ensure that we leave a Bahamas that is much better than the one that we met,” noted Turnquest.

“As we celebrate this year’s Independence, we certainly give God thanks for all those who have gone before us, to lay this foundation and we are reminded of the commitment, the responsibility and sacrifice, that we all have to make, in order to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of our country,” concluded DPM Turnquest.

Throughout the entire country a number of events have been planned, in celebration of the country’s 45th Independence. Grand Bahama is no different, as the local Office of the Prime Minister has organized a month long list of celebratory activities for residents and guests alike, to participate in, many of which will be held in the DPM’s constituency of East Grand Bahama.

This evening, beginning at 8 p.m.. Independence Park is expected to be transformed for the 45th Grand Anniversary Celebrations, Cultural Extravaganza, tattoo and fireworks display.

Residents of East Grand Bahama will host an Independence Cultural Show this coming Friday July 13, beginning at 6:30 p.m.. on the grounds of the Government Park in High Rock.

Also, at the Government Park, High Rock, East Grand Bahama will also host a ‘Youth Splash’ on Saturday July 21 beginning at noon, as well as a special ‘Wall of Fame’ event on Saturday July 28 at Gold Rock Creek, commencing at 10 a.m..

Of course, an annual favourite for residents and visitors alike to the island of Grand Bahama, is the Goombay Summer Festival, which will take place every Thursday for the month of July (July 12, 19 and 26) on beautiful Taino Beach, beginning promptly at 6 p.m.

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