DNA Future Uncertain

The Democratic National Alliance, under the leadership of Branville McCartney, showed up in spades during the 2012 election cycle.


Obviously the DNA connected substantively with the voting public because the party secured 8.48 percent of the 155,946 listed voters in 2012. When the DNA’s percentage is added to the 42.09 percent the Free National Movement (FNM) received, the combined total was more than the 48.62 percent officially recorded for the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).


So, there is no doubt that the DNA is a presence of significance in the Bahamian political arena. It is with good reason therefore that FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis never hesitates to assert that a vote for the DNA is one for the PLP, in essence. Dr. Minnis is rightly concerned about the DNA.


The situation begs a question.


If Dr. Minnis is so intent on lobbying that voters disenchanted with the PLP, ignore the DNA, obviously he recognizes the danger the DNA represents for his party. So, why not find a way to seal a deal with the DNA? According to Dr. Minnis, based on what the DNA wanted, an arrangement would have amounted to virtually diluting the national power base of the FNM. McCartney on the other hand, indicates that the DNA’s requests were reasonable.


We doubt the public will ever know the true version of what happened in the FNM/DNA talks, but the reality is that the general elections date will be announced relatively soon and the sitting government has the luxury of going up against fractured opposition forces.


Indeed, if the PLP can get 48 percent of the votes, the chances are good that Perry Christie will be prime minister for a second consecutive and third-non-consecutive time. That’s the stark reality. No matter the great amount of disillusionment with the PLP, being expressed across the length and breadth of this country by Bahamians, the governing organization has entrenched in black belt communities, a high volume of voter support.


The nation could well be in for a repeat of 2012.


Christie acts as in a manner that disturbs many Bahamians.  It’s as if he is the “Lord All” of everything he beholds here in this land. National decisions he has made are highly questionable. The nation would, we think, be in for more of that.


Do we deserve more of Christie?


Well, what we have is a fly in the ointment. The DNA, in our estimation, does not stand a chance of winning a single seat. It is difficult to see how the DNA of 2017 could be more successful than the DNA of 2012, to the extent of winning one or more seats.


What seems more likely is that the party with the uncertain future might very well, once again, foil the will of the majority of the people of this country.


Think on that.  


Published  Friday, March 10, 2017 

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