Coral Beach Hotel and Condominium administrative staff terminated

Coral Beach Condominiums

The Freeport News learned that at least two employees in the executive office at Coral Beach Condominiums were, reportedly, abruptly terminated on Monday (May 1) morning.

Upon learning of the termination a team from this daily visited the premises, only to discover the office ‘Closed until further notice’ sign affixed to the door.

However, two female employees – speaking to the team under the condition of anonymity – confirmed that they were indeed terminated.

In an attempt to conduct an interview with the employees, security personnel were instructed by Coral Beach Condominiums’ treasurer on the Board of Directors, Mary Mamias, to escort The Freeport News’ team off the premises.

Mamias did say that the office was closed and she had no comment on the matter.

The Coral Beach Hotel and Condominium has been the subject of a number of controversial matters over the past decade with respect to former Board of Directors.

Former President and Director of the Association, Bruno Rufa, has been in the news repeatedly, appearing before the courts to answer to charges of engaging in gainful occupation without proper documentation.

Rufa’s latest appearance in court was scheduled to take place in February 2017 in the Court of Appeal; however, he was denied entry into the country to attend to legal matters both in Freeport and in Nassau.

The appeal by Rufa is in respect to a ruling made by Justice Petra Hana Weeks, to a judicial review case against the Director of Immigration.

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