Convention should be the guideline for all politicians

In the United Kingdom, in particular, politicians are driven by convention, a set of accepted standards that speak truth and demonstrate transparency.


Despite following the same Westminister System of Governance as our UK mentors, Bahamians of the political arena often operate outside of convention and ignore the transparency demanded when they are doing the business of the people, or aspiring to do such.


In that light, we seek to caution Progressive Liberal Party Candidate for Marco City Norris Bain. He was brought on board in an official capacity by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. We know of that because he confirmed to The Freeport News, the responsibility he accepted.


It is accepted, via convention, that when one officially becomes the standard bearer for a political party, all employment connections to a government ministry should be severed. That candidate should rid him/herself of all appearances of any continued links to government.


That’s the Westminister System.


We seek to warn Bain to be on guard and operate transparently and function in a manner whereby all and sundry would know that he is not operating outside of convention. He should ensure that at no time are there any red-plated vehicles parked up to his headquarters.


If the driver of a government-owned vehicle with a red plate needs to confer with Bain or any other in his headquarters, they should go there in some other vehicle. It does not look good to see a red-plated vehicle at any political headquarters. Bain should have an awareness of that.


We refer, to make the point, to a situation during the run-up to the general elections of 2012. A number of civil servants were reprimanded for showing up to work and conducting business on behalf of a government agency attired in clothing that clearly indicated a political choice.


A red-plated vehicle parked at a candidate’s headquarters would raise many questions.


In Bain’s case, one would ask whether he is still, in some way, connected and being paid for services by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as before?


Or, an observer would certainly wonder about the boldness or shallowness of the driver of a government vehicle to put a candidate in such a position.


Be warned Candidate Bain. Appearances are very important.


Published  Friday, March 24, 2017 


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